Seminar spirit at JuShinKan Aikido!

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Season starts with a Fjords’n’Aikido Seminar with Marc Bachraty!

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What a way to start the season!  This will be the 7th Seminar with Marc Bachraty Sensei (5th dan Aikikai) and it will again include a Fjords trip to the Pulpit Rock.
So far, over 45 people have registered, half are visitors from abroad, and 50% are yudansha (black belts) up to 5th dan. Quite the event!

Please see the  info poster for details and do visit our Facebook Event for the latest news and to see who’s coming.
Do sign up on Facebook or send an email if you’re intending to come – it helps tremendously with a smooth planning.

BachratyStavanger28-31aug2014Welcome to Stavanger and to JuShinKan Aikido!

A bit of news: in March of 2014 our dojo moved! On the same road, but 500 m more South. We are now located above the Elixia sports centre, neighbour with the Idrettsklinikken, and the entrance is in the back of the building (access through the Esso station).

Find more info and a map here.

Practical Info (preliminary – updated info will be sent one week before in pdf)

Weapons: yes, there will be bokken classes!
If you are local or come by car/train/bus: please bring your bokken (if possible more than one)
If you fly: we’ll have bokken for loan

1. Dojo:
You can stay overnight at the dojo for free,  bring a sleeping bag, a sheet and a pillowcase. There are mattresses and pillows there.
There is a kitchenette there with 1 cooking plate, oven, microwave, coffee machine, water cooker, plates/cutlery/cups, a fridge/freezer and a dishwasher.
There are several grocery shops nearby (see info in dojo for opening times and location), also a bakery and take-away’s.
There is a washing machine and dryer there, but as there will be many people staying at the dojo, try to bring enough keikogis to last the seminar, so priority goes to people staying at the dojo 3 nights or more.
If you stay at the dojo, please keep the place very tidy in the common areas as we have a tenant who has clients coming through.

How to get to the JuShinKan dojo by foot/bus/train/airport shuttle :  see this page (scroll to under the map)

2. Hotels: these are filling up very fast as there is a huge international petroleum congress in town that week –
tip 1: even if the hotel website says it’s full, try a search through, you might get lucky. Closest hotels are: St. Svithun and Park Inn.
tip 2: if it’s still full, try searching for a friday-sunday stay (and stay thursday night at the dojo for free).

3. Private: There are a few private accomodation available with one or other of our aikidoka. Pretty filled up already, but your have any medical or other good reason to have a private room, we’ll try hard to accomodate.

Seminar Location: 

Thursday: At the JuShinKan dojo
Friday-Sunday: Tastarustå Idrettshall, (or see B on the map link below)
address: Gjerdeveien 32, next to Tastarustå school.
GPS coordinates: 58.985561, 5.692377
To get there by bus: Take Bus nr 2, goes every 10-15 mn (mon-fri) and every half hour (sat/sun) and get off at stop “Froastølveien” right outside the hall
From dojo to hall : take the bus nr 2, across the street from the Pharmacy/Bakery (towards city centre)
From city centre to hall: Bus nr 2 leaves from bus stop nr 25  (direction Tasta)
Bus information will be posted at the dojo for the people sleeping there or check the online bus routes (enter from: “Hillevåg” (for dojo start) or “Stavanger Sentrum” (for city start)  and for destination, enter: Froastølveien (the stop by the Hall).

Map of dojo / hall / BBQ-place:
– JuShinKan dojo (bottom destination)
– Tastaruståhallen (upper left destination)
– Snake Island (Barbeque saturday night, upper right)

Social events:

-Mon-Wed: much activities at the harbour, with the ONS (petroleum congress) festival – many boats, booths, music, etc. Most of it free to all.
(NB: wednesday evening, concert and fireworks!)
-Thursday evening: Pint at a Pub, Nightwalk on the harbour
-Friday: Fjords’n’Mountain hike to the Pulpit Rock (separate info will be provided). Cost: price of fuel, ferry, parking and food/water will be shared among participants,
estimate: NOK 300
-Saturday:  BBQ at the “Snake Island Aiki Inn”. Cost: NOK 100
(will organize transportation from dojo or downtown)


Thursday 28th:  NB: at the JuShinKan dojo!
– 19.30-21  Extra practice with Marc Bachraty

Friday 29th evening:
-09.00-16-ish  Fjords’n’Mountain hike to the Pulpit Rock (separate info will be provided)
– 19.30 – 21.00
Saturday 30th:
– 10.00 – 11.30 (NB this is a new time!)
– 16.00-17.30 (NB we have to be out of the hall by 18 sharp!)
– 20-ish – BBQ at the “Snake Island Aiki Inn” (will organize transportation from dojo or downtown)
Sunday 31st:
– 11.00-13.30 (with a short break, bring snack)

Stavanger and Sandnes cooperate for a great summer schedule!

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Aikido on the Pulpit RockJuShinKan Stavanger and Sunyata Sandnes Aikidoklubb are cooperating to offer as much training as possible during the summer holidays for all of our members and aikido-guests that may be travelling through the region!  Members can train at each other’s dojo for free and aiki-travellers are super-welcome!! From the end of school (June 20) until the end of July, you can train aikido here:

Monday:  19.00-20.30    Sunyata Sandnes**
Tuesday:  18.30-20.00    JuShinKan Stavanger*
Wednesday:  20.00-21.30    Sunyata Sandnes**
Thursday:  18.30-20.00    JuShinKan Stavanger*

Saturday: 18.00-19.30  JuShinKan Stavanger* (free training)
Sunday: 11.00-12.30  JuShinKan Stavanger* (free training)

NB: the schedules may sometimes be adjusted a bit, please double-check for latest news on the Facebook pages: !!! Info and contact here:

*  Stavanger JuShinKan:  how to get there / Facebook / Website / email
**  Sandnes Sunyatahow to get there / Facebook / Website / email

Both JuShinKan  and Sunyata are back to full training schedule from the first full week of August (from 4. august). Have a great Aiki-Summer!

Extra: Self-Defence for Women, introduction course

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IMG_9106-GROUPJuShinKan invites all the ladies in the club together with a guest group from Conoco Phillips and others who would like to try some self-defence, aikido-style!
(Guys are welcome of course – and they get to be the “bad boys”!!!)

It is a two-part course:

I. Thursday 24.4 – 18.30-20.30: Introduction, Techniques and Application
II. Sunday 27.4 – 12.00-14.00: Repetition, Practice and more

It is possible to attend just one of the days.

The instructor, Tomek Gaertner, has studied aikido at the special intensive one-year course for the Tokyo Riot Police in Japan – he will show effective techniques aimed at defending oneself with neutralizing the attacker.

Open for all women (15 yr-old minimum), with previous martial arts experience or without.

Price: free for members of JuShinKan – 50 kr/day for others.
Sign-up/more info: on the Facebook Event  or call 98250628 (Jacqueline) or 95708408 (Bob)


Great Season at JuShinKan

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Not only does JuShinKan have a brand new and spacious dojo, we also have a great aikido season lined up year – do mark your calendars!

– West Coast Aikido Festival (14-16 March, 2014) details:  poster in english  – or FB event here


This year’s edition of the “West Coast Aikido Festival” (Vestlandet Aikido Festival or VAF) is hosted by Bergen Aikidoklubb and BSI Aikido. JuShinkan is co-organizing, and we will travel to Bergen as a club-event.

One instructor from each of the 5 dojos will each be teaching one session, and Erik Vanem (3. dan, Oslo Aikidoklubb) and from the NAF technical committee will both teach one session and preside over the grading (6th through 1st kyu) for the NAF candidates.

The aim of the event is to “know each other better, train with others than we are used to, learn from each other, and so that it will be easier to stop by in each other dojos and open our horizon”. You can count on some great socializing there!

Transportation to Bergen is sponsored by VAF and by JuShinKan and will therefore be free for members – so far we’ve almost filled up 3 cars, and have room for more!

Mid-week workshop with Antony Pinchbeck, 4th dan (26-27 March 2014) poster in English or see Facebook event here

TonyPic-croppedStavanger JuShinKan Aikido welcomes you to a mid-week workshop with focus on grading preparations, with guest instructor Antony Pinchbeck (4th dan Aikikai) from England, who is dropping by JuShinKan on his way to the weekend seminar in Trondheim.
Tony’s effortless and precise form is transmitted very supportively and with great humour. He runs his own club just outside of London: Kamo Aikido Club in Aylesbury

– Seminar with Roberto Martucci, 6th dan (23-25 may 2014) poster in English
Roberto Martucci, 6th Danor see Facebook event here

Roberto Martucci  is coming back to hold his 2nd seminar in Stavanger! It is very much a pleasure to practice with such a jovial, warm and generous sensei, who is able to amalgamate the teachings of Tissier and Endo sensei into his own beautiful contact-based, yet sharp, aikido.

This year Roberto Martucci is bringing some of his students, and already 6 aikidoka from Trondheim have bought their tickets! – This augurs well for good practice!!!


– Fjords’n’Aikido Marc Bachraty, 5th dan (28-31 May. 2014), see info poster in English and Facebook event 

2010-Marc&Henryk-cutoutFor the 6th seminar with Marc Bachraty – we’re going to the Pulpit Rock again! and Marc is offering an extra class on thursday evening!

If you like Christian Tissier, this Marc Bachraty seminar is for you! Marc is one of Tissier’s main students, substitute teaches at his dojo in Vincennes for him and serves as uke for Tissier in many demonstrations (see YouTube videos) and seminars, as well as giving many international seminars himself. A down to earth person with a warm personality, a good teacher with a powerful and clean technique! Bachraty Sensei is usually followed by many aikidoka travelling to Stavanger to practice and share a good time – this seminar attracts aikidoka  from Austria, Chile, England, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland (so far…) and from all major cities in Norway – so we have plenty of good practice partners!Welcome to Stavanger!  (also in between seminars, of course!)

New Dojo from March 1st!

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It’s Bigger, better and it’s all ours, with great neighbours such as Elixia (biggest training centre in the region) and Idrettsklinikken (a therapy institution for sports injuries). 
For pictures of the new dojo on Facebook

The new Location’s adress: Hillevågsveien 31-33 (click for map). Entrance by foot from Hillevågsveien (look for the stairway in the building between Elixia and Esso)

There is parking behind the building, access via the Esso Station – 2 hours free, but do take a parking ticket!  Use the back entrance.  For direction on how to get there by bus / airport shuttle / train and info on accomodation nearby: click “location” in the menu on the right.

We now have 2 separate dojos: the main dojo is 130 m2 and can be expanded to 160 m2 if the corridor is matted as well (f.ex. when we have seminars). It is matted with judo mats, and a layer of under-mats to soften falls. 

The smaller dojo is a separate room of ca 50 m2 with mirrors on one side. Perfect for non-matted activities such as iaido, tai-chi, chi-gong, yoga, kung fu, etc. We are, in fact, looking for like-minded groups to sub-let time in our dojo.

We are currently building changin rooms, and installing a couple of showers. There is also a spacious area for socializing, complete with a kitchenette (with fridge/freezer, water cooker, coffee machine, microwave, oven (but no cooking plates) and a sink. The corridor will become a gallery as well.

In the back there are two additional rooms with windows from floor to ceiling, for which we would like to welcome like-minded therapists, or groups wanting their own room.

We’re all working hard to get the place up and going, and we will start practicing there the first week of March, after an inauguration party on March 1st.

COME ON DOWN and help get the dojo ready!  There’s more to do!

New dojo is open for more new-dojo-waza!!! Call Bob or Stancho to get access to the dojo if you have some extra time to volunteer. Even if you only have a couple of hours – no job is too small, anything you can contribute gets us closer to enjoying a wonderful new dojo!

We’ve already had one “dugnad” weekend (21-23 February 2014) during which we moved most of the mats/materials/uniforms, dismounted the mirrors, painted the imPossible Purple into Wonderful White, cleaned and redirected the ventilation ducts, and many other odd jobs.

Next weekend (1-2 March) – we will place the undermats and the mats in the new dojo and celebrate our good forturne on Saturday night.

Pictures from Day 1 & 2 & 3:  click here for photostream on Facebook)

Done So far:

Day 1 (fri 21.2): Two shower cabinets were delivered and carried upstairs. Truck and trailed time were donated for shuttle traffic between the dojos – we moved all the mats from storage, the blue mats, the uniforms, weapons, kitchen and other equipment to the new dojo’s little dojo, including the big box with the cherry tree, the pine and the bamboo (70 manhours)

Day 2 (sat 22.2): Kitchen doors, fixings and paint all fixed up. All lights in the dojo are serviced. Painted two coats in the main dojo: the ceiling is no longer black and the imPossible Purple has become peaceful White. Ventilation ducts are cleaned and rotated to maximize head room. Entry hall mirror removed, plastered and painted. Mirrors in the old dojo were dismounted. Thanks to those who came by with hotdogs and coffee!  (70? manhours)

Day 3 (sun 23.2): All painting done in main dojo and entrance. Storage stuff moved from small dojo to back room. Small dojo cleaned. Big dojo tidied and looking great (corridor needs a polish….). All mirrors moved to new dojo (no breaks!).  (50 man hours)

– Undermats are coming thurday or friday – to be carried upstairs
– Mat laying session (cutting old and uneven mats for the uneven walls) -> March 1st
– Party Satuday evening (1st March)
– Plan walls for a changing room
– Install showers and connect washing machine
– Install hooks and benches in the changing rooms

Holiday Practice? Yes!

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Yes! we’ll be training throughout the holiday,
Nisse-ukemi-Jul2012though with a reduced schedule – as follows:

Mon 23                : 18.30-20
Tue-thu 24-26   : Merry Christmas!
Fri 27                     : 18.30-20
Weekend             :  free practice (use FB to agree on time)

Mon 30                : 18.30-20
Tue-wed 31.12-1.1   : Happy New Year!
Thu 2 jan             : First class of the year:
17.15-18.15 Juniors
18.30-20.00 Seniors

Have a merry holiday and a great new year – hope to see you on the tatami in between the great meals!!!

Massage and Aikido with 6. dan Mouliko Halén!

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JuShinKan is grateful to the Kampsportforbundet (Martial Arts Federation) for bringing Mouliko Halén to Stavanger for a Massage course aimed at martial artists. Mouliko Sensei graciously accepted to teach a few aikido classes as well, since he was here already. It’s going to be a GREAT weekend! We’ve created a Facebook event – do sign up

*Offer A: Massage Course med Mouliko Halén (with 30 years of experience in massage): includes sports massage combined with acupressure & shiatsu for martial arts & for life
Price: for only kr 250,- pr person for 4 hours! Great offer subsedized heavily by the Martial Arts Federation (NKF)
Bring your better half, a good friend or a training partner!

*Offer B: Aikido Practice with Mouliko Halén (6. dan)
Sat afternoon (1 class) and sunday (2 classes)
Price: kr 100 pr class
Special offer for JuShinKan members only: kr 250 for all 3 classes

Sign up ASAP! To Jacqueline 98250628 or or on the Facebook event !
Place: JuShinKan dojo, Lagårdsveien 91, Stavanger

SATURDAY 23. nov.
A: 12.00-16.00 massage course (kr 250,-)
B1: 17.30-19.00 aikido (kr 100,-)

SUNDAY 24. nov
B2: 10.00-11.00 aikido (kr 100,-)
B3: 11.10-12.10 aikido (kr 100,-)



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