Hello world!

by aikidudeThis page is totally under construction.. but it will host Stavanger Aikido club website!

I just wanted to “reserve” the domain soon enough: for now refer to my Aikido page!

In the near future we are going to use this space for updates, info and all that will be related to this new and exciting adventure: the creation of an Aikikai Aikido club here in Stavanger!

Our goal will be to make Aikido even more popular both locally and nation-wide, and especially having fun together learning this fascinating Japanese martial art!!

Wish us luck!!!



2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hello,
    I just arrived in Stavanger and I am looking for a place to practice Aikido that I only started 2 years ago. How can I contact/join your club.
    Cheers, Patrick

  2. Patrick,
    very nice you left a comment!
    I will contact you with some info ASAP!!

    Looking forward to practice with you!
    Andrea – aikidude

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