New dojo almost finished!!!

Stavanger MMA people are doing an amazing good job in the new dojo area, the earlier red brick gummy factory! 😀

Yesterday I visited the place together with Bob and as I always do, I took a couple of pictures 😉

The work is almost done, still a bit for the changing rooms but the training areas look wonderful!! The professional ring is finished and all the mats are ready to be set. There is also a very well furnished training room with weights and different machines.

New dojo!!But of course our main interest was for the tatami area, and it looks extremely promising!

There are going to be 2 area, one with mirrors (already finished) and the other one ot the side of the ring (and the mats are already there, ready to be set!). The ceiling is very high allowing any kind of weapon practice, bokken, iaito or jo, without any annoying fan ready to chop our wood weapons or destroying the tip of the metal ones!! 🙂

Schedule and more news will come later on.. but expect the opening of the place around middle of August and some official Aikido start after the 20th of August (the day I come back from China!!!) 😉

Hope to see many on the mats!!!


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