Stavanger JūShinKan Aikido dojo!

After quite a lot of thinking, finally Bob and I managed to find an appropriate name for Stavanger Aikido dojo, a name in Japanese that reflects the spirit and targets we set when we decided to start this experience.

Bob from his experience in judo, 柔道 ( じゅうどう, jūdō) and Tomiki Aikido is very fond of the term yawara, やわら, that is the kun-reading of the kanji 柔 [ju]. Also Inaba sensei at the Kashima seminar in Norway used this word a lot! A very good explanation of yawara is given in AikiWeb forums, with a special mention also for Mark Murray reply, about the “theory of yawara”. In the way it is expressed it is really fundamental in Aikido techniques and spirit.

Given that Bob has been the only Aikido presence in Stavanger for quite a few years (he is going to write a bit about Aikido history in Stavanger, how the different dojos disappeared leaving only us now!!), I wanted to repay him in some way for the efforts. And furthermore he is still standing my way of practice and teaching, without kicking too much my ass during his sessions!!! 😀

In a way our experience here in Stavanger has been based on being open minded, and it is the same spirit my closer teachers have always transmitted to me…

Therefore the name is: 柔心館 – Jū Shin Kan and the kanji we choose are (with the different readings!):

ジュウ [jū], やわ(ら) [yawa(ra)]
tender; weakness; gentleness; softness

シン [shin], こころ [kokoro]
heart; mind; spirit

カン [kan], やかた [yakata]
building; mansion; large building; palace.. intended as school..

Especially for Norwegian readers, the first sound is juu (long “u”, indicated as “ū”) not “yu”, so like in the English word “juice” not like “you” sound, still in English.

With a bamboo background, some color variations, also the header design of this blog will soon be changed accordingly with our new name!! The new design is here, just below! Hope you all enjoy the name and the spirit!!! And of course will come soon to practice!!


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