Back to normal – and normal seems to be international!

The JuShinKan instructors, Andrea and Bob, are back from an aikido-rich trip to Japan, and it’s back to the normal 5-day schedule at our dojo (find the schedule in the menu in the right column). For travel stories and a beautiful picture of our instructors by a statue of O’Sensei in Tanabe, the birthplace of O’Sensei, check Andrea’s blog (scroll down to the entry called Tanabe).

And now that JuShinKan has been around the world, it’s the world’s turn to come to JuShinKan!

Coming weekend (25-26 Octobre), we are holding our first seminar with an international guest Sensei: Ulli Kubetzek (5th Dan) from Germany – have a look at the seminar poster for details. Note that out-of-town guests benefit from a reduced rate, and we do provide private accomodation for the travellers – but do tell us ahead of time (leave a comment, we’ll contact you).

Did you know that just about half of our members are foreigners or foreign-born, the instructors being no exception, and that is why much of the communication with the members (and this site) is in English.

Oh, and still talking international… there is a very familiar face in this video taken by Bob of the Norwegian Aikido Demonstration at 10th International Aikido Federation Congress in Tanabe City (Japan) on 11 October 2008. Can you find it?

Here’s another perspective of the same (taken by Erlend):


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