Seminar with Ulli Kubetzek, 5.dan

Stavanger Jūshinkan Aikido dojo wants to thank all the participants to the weekend seminar with Ulli Kubetzek, 5.dan from Frankfurt Aikido club. Our thanks go to the people that visited us from Frankfurt, Trondheim, Bergen, Oslo, Haugesund and of course all the local practitioners from stavanger! Thanks to all of you and all the help from our Jūshinkan Aikido dojo board: Ulli was indeed very happy and he also enjoyed very much the seminar!

Soon there will be more pictures posted, but for now we get a starter with the group photo:

Group pciture

Very special thanks to our good friend, Sverre from Trondheim Aikido dojo, that gave us a wonderful present: the Japanese calligraphy of Jūshinkan, in three different versions. as shown below.

Jūshinkan calligraphy


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