Endo sensei

Since I have mentioned several times Endo Seishiro, 遠藤征四郎, sensei at practice, as my biggest source of fun, ideas, motivations, challenges, inspiration in my Aikido practice, I think it is about time to post one of the new released videos available on the net:

Now many videos are officially released by “The Way of Mastery“, and from his official DVD page it is possible to purchase his teaching videos. I strongly recommend the first one, “Kihon no Kata”, especially as long as you have not joined one of sensei seminars!

In the other DVDs in fact there are much more advanced concepts and ideas, that I hope you will be able to appreciate in the future!

Since we are affiliated to Budovideos.com, I could recommend to buy the videos from their homepage too:

Kihon no Kata DVD by Seishiro Endo #12772

Atari & Musubi DVD by Seishiro Endo #12773

Sabaki and Tsukai DVD by Seishiro Endo #13121

..or just check the main link at the bottom of the page!

I leave you with another video from a major demo in Japan:


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