A little black book…

Aikido PassportWhen you attend a seminar or a camp, you’ll see that most people turn in a little black book when they register, and pick it up again before they leave.

That would be their aikido passport, a little book that documents which federation and which dojo you belong to, whether your membership is up to date, keeps a record of your service as an officer and of your gradings. 

But its most common use is to record the seminars you’ve attended, both in your own dojo and at other dojos, as well as seminar and camps both domestic and abroad.

Stavanger JuShinKan is not yet affilitated to any federation as a club. However, several of our members are individual members of NAF (Norges Aikido Forbund), the Norwegian Aikido Federation. This costs NOK 50,- pr semester, and NAF will provide you with your own little black book.     Aikido Passport - seminar page

With a seminar and graduation coming up in January in our own dojo, it’s perhaps a good idea to get your own little black book?

If you’re interested to get your own passport, please contact the secretary/treasurer who will help your with the easy procedure. Think about it, it’s a good way to keep track of what you’ve done in your aikido career, even if the career has just begun!


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