(= Merry Sofa Blending and Happy Newkemi =)

T'is the seadon to unfold...

T'is the season to unfold...

Aikido being known amongst some as ‘the gentle art of people folding’, JuShinKan understands fully the need to take a few days off to ‘unfold’ properly. 

The last dojo-training before the holidays is therefore Monday 22 December.

Should you be tempted, during this break, to indulge in the practice of the traditional JuLe-kata,  which includes techniques such as wearing out the sofa, testing the limits of stomach-stretching, beefing up the waistline, reacquainting with the family, consuming obscene amounts of Jule-food, rekindling friendships outside the dojo and of course, the ever so popular JuLe-Birru-kokkyu-ho-ho-ho…

We’ll be ready to welcome you back on Monday January 5th, and help you back into  shape in time for the seminar 17-18 january.

This small present might help alleviate a little bit of the folding-withdrawal:  downloadable zoris 

All in jest, of course, and may your 2009 be filled with happy ukemi!


One thought on “(= Merry Sofa Blending and Happy Newkemi =)

  1. Very useful the downloadable zoris!! 🙂
    Especially since I always forget them, when I travel to seminars, it is good to have a couple of paper size of them!!

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