Start 2009 with a Seminar, in Stavanger!

Lucas Icasatti throws Pedram Bagheri

Welcome back from the holidays! How about a healthy way to kickstart the year after the holidays… An aikido seminar! with graduation!

JuShinKan is hosting a seminar with Lucas Icasatti, 3. dan from Argentina and long-time student of Yamada Sensei (8th dan) and Waite Sensei (7th dan). Icasatti is now living in Norway, running his own dojo in Oslo: Aikidojo Aikido Klubb.

JuShinKan will provide private accomodation for all travelling aikidokas – but please tell us ahead of time!

For details, contact info and directions (on p. 2)to the dojo , check out the seminar poster

There are now quite a few members ready to graduate, and there will be an occasion to graduate to 6th and 5th kyu during the seminar. To help prepare properly, JuShinKan is opening Tuesdays for all members in Decembre and January until the seminar, during which time we will be concentrating on the techniques needed for 6th and 5th kyu, which you can find right here: NAF Aikikai syllabus (pensum).

So please, mark your calendar and plan to roll off the Christmas sofa right unto the mats!


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