Training and grading!

Happy new Aikido year 2009 to everybody!!

Finally the Aikido seminar season has restarted also in Stavanger, at Jūshinkan Aikido dojo, with Lucas Icasatti, 3.dan, from  Aikidojo Aikido in Oslo.

group picture

A very interesting weekend: we had a good chance to practice an Aikido slightly different from what we are used to, and we had a lot of very good ukemi instructions!  A nice and huge group of people from Haugesund Aikidoklubb, lead by their instructor Kim, visited us, and it was an unexpected surprise that I hope we will be able to pay back soon!

On Saturday we also had Aikikai grading, and I want to send my best congratulations to all the peopel that got their grades: Vårin, Thomas, Thomas Andre’, Nevzet & Tommy got their first kyu grading, 6.kyu and Jacqueline consolidated her Aiki-mama position with her 5.kyu grading!! 😀

Well done folks!!!

Lucas, Kim, Bob and myself (Andrea), in the graduation committee, had no doubts about the outcome of the graduation. On the other hand, we also all agreed that more work must be done on ukemi!!! I admit that I was a bit disappointed about the quite messy falling technique, but the graduations were not bad! Good to know also where it is necessary to work more!

Positive aspects of the seminar were that Lucas himself enjoyed his first experience as weekend instructor, enjoyed the MMA hat-sweater we gave him as present, all the people had good time on the mats, and out off the tatami too, nobody got injured and I hope everybody learned something new too!


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