Ukemi, ukemi, ukemi!

ukemiThe art of breakfalling is a fundamental part of practicing aikido. It’s the first thing beginners learn, and essential to practicing aikido safely. Ukemi is also something to keep working at and progress throughout a career on (and off) the tatami – you can’t ever practice too little ukemi!

Many have pestered Andrea about getting more in-depth ukemi practice – and here’s your chance! Friday May, JuShinKan is arranging TWO sessions of ukemi:
morning: 10-12  (ukemi, ukemi…)
evening: 19-20.30  (more ukemi…)jiri-bilde-seminar09

Consider it a nice warm-up day for the seminar this weekend (2-3. May, 2009) with Jiri Novotny, 4th Dan from the Czech Republic, an excellent aikido practitioner influenced by one of Andrea’s favourite Senseis, Seishiro Endo.  Check the seminar poster for more details.


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