Congratulations to the new up-graded!!

Yeah, it’s true, during the last Ulli’s seminar here in Stavanger, this past weekend, we had a successful club/NAF graduation for a few people from our club (and one visitor from Haugesund Aikido!). I am sure more pics will be coming soon, but for once Andrea was not taking pics, but focusing on practice! 😀

Anyway, Stavanger Jūshinkan Aikido club wants to congratulate to the new graded people:

* Dagmara – 6.kyu NAF, Haugesund Aikido club:

And from our club:

* Geir – 6.kyu NAF
* Flurin – 5.kyu NAF
* Jacqueline – 4.kyu club graduation
* Karwan – 3.kyu club graduation

Congrats too to Svein (Tekisuikan Trondheim NTNUI Aikido) for a very nice shodan trial graduation!

Group picture - Ulli's seminar June 2009

[not such a good picture.. what a pity!!]


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