Start the Aikido Semester with a Seminar!


Erik Vanem is coming to Stavanger for the 3rd time – the weekend of 29-30 august, 2009  
(click here for seminar poster) (click here for Facebook Event

Erik started Aikido in 1991 and got his 3.dan in 2005 by Kanetsuka sensei. He has practiced almost everywhere in the world with all the major instructors. His main teachers are Doshu, Kanetsuka sensei, Endo sensei and Tissier sensei, with inspiration from several other shihan. He has largely contributed Norwegian Aikido growth both through his practice and by organizing a yearly group tour to Japan for practice and learning about Aikido’s motherland, this year for the 17th time. In 2003, he started Oslo Aikido klubb (OAK).

Erik is also fukushidoin in the Norwegian Aikido Federation’s technical committee, and will be conducting a kyu graduation during the seminar.

As usual, there will be a social event on Saturday night. And as usual, we will try to provide private accomodation to all travelling aikidoka – contact the secretary as soon as possible! Those arriving on Friday… we are holding a special ukemi session with Andrea on Friday (19 – 20.30-ish). All travelling aikidoka are welcome to join us (free!).

PS: This is Stavanger JuShinKan Aikido’s first year jubilee event!

Welcome to Stavanger!

————-NEXT SEMINARS at JuShinKan (mark your calendars!)—————-
– nov 6-8 : Börje Lindén, 6th dan (inspired by Endo sensei)
– dec 4-6 : Alessandro Costa, 4th dan (inspired by Yasuno sensei and Endo sensei)
– jan 22-24 : Vestlandet Aikido Festival (with all the instructors from Bergen, Haugesund and Stavanger)

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