Guest instructors!

Tuesday and Wednesday we received visits here in Stavanger by two high graded Aikido instructors: respectively Stein-Are, 4th dan from from Reimeikan Aikido in Tromsø, and Pedram, 2nd dan from Aikikan Oslo. They were in Stavanger for work and it was very good for us that they joined our practice. It was the first time that Stein-Are visited our club here in Stavanger, while Pedram has been practicing with us a few more times before, “thanks” to his job that takes him to Rogaland! 

When high graded people are around it is always a pleasure to let them instruct a class. Good fresh inspiration for the local people and always a great chance for us to practice with different people!! 😀

And both sessions have been very good!! Hope to see these guys again in Stavanger!! 😉

Stein-Are & Birger!

Stein-Are (on the left) in Tromsø

Pedram at Hombu dojo

Pedram at Hombu dojo in Tokyo


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