Great seminar season at JuShinKan! Mark the dates!

JuShinKan Aikido is organizing 4 more seminars (so far…) before the summer holiday – mark the dates and consider a trip or two to Stavanger!

Note that visiting aikidoka get a rebate and private accomodation (as long as you let us know ahead of time!). There are flights to our airport from most major cities in Europe!

Börje Lindén, 6th dan (6-8 November, 2009)  see details here or FB-event here
Börje comes from the Iyasaka dojo in Stockholm and lists his inspiration sources to be:
Endo Sensei and all aikidoka with a positive attitude and are “searchers”,  as well as Ichimura Sensei (1975–1980) , Kobayashi Sensei (1977–), Igarashi Sensei (1978–). Kanetzuka Sensei (1986–1988), Frank Noel (1993–)…

Alessandro Costa, 4th dan (4-6 Decembre, 2009) see details here or FB-event here
Alessandro has his own dojo in Bolzano, Italy, and lists his inspiration sources to be: Seichiro Endo, Masatoshi Yasuno, Christian Tissier and Alain Tendron. More about Costa on his website. Three of Alessandro’s high graded students are accompanying him to Stavanger – plenty of opportunity to train with very competent aikidoka!
(the Friday session will be a special introductory session with Andrea Raviglione)

West Coast Aikido Festival (22-24. January 2010) see details here or FB-event here
This is where the 3 West Coast dojos (Bergen, Haugesund and Stavanger) get together. The instructors of the 3 dojos will each be teaching one session each. The aim of the event is to “know each other better, train with others than we are used to, learn from each other, and so that it will be easier to stop by in each other dojos and open our horizon”. Read the article about the previous festival in Haugesund to know more about it.

Fabrice Somers, 5th dan (14-16 May 2010) see details here or FB-event here
Fabrice Somers was just awarded his 5th dan in January 2010 – congratulations!
Fabrice’s own dojo just south of Brussels was recently inaugurated by Endo Sensei, to whom Fabrice is very close and often accompanies as uke in his European tours. Fabrice also spends a few weeks every year at Hombu to practice with Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba. He has a vibrant and joyful presence and is very generous when sharing his experience, emphasizing the principles that Endo stands for, taking the time to work with everyone present.  See video with Fabrice on the Junten Dojo site.
(note to travelling aikidoka: Do Consider this event as a possible mini aiki-holiday, as the Thursday 13.5 is a holiday (how about a daytrip to the fjords to climb the nearby Pulpit Rock?) and the Monday after (17.5) is the Norwegian National Day (the most Norwegian of Norwegian celebrations, here’s the city’s int’l celebration).

Welcome to Stavanger!  (also in between seminars, of course!)


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