New dojo for JūShinKan!!!

JūShinKan is very happy to announce its move to a new location – smack in the middle of town! What a Christmas present!

The dojo is a beauty – a bit smaller than we’re become accustomed to – but big enough to comfortably accommodate our sessions. It’s a dojo about 120 sqm, with good mats, a japanese feel with calligraphy on one wall, kimonos hanging on another, weapon racks and even a samurai armor! (see photo here and another one here). There are also posh changing rooms… with showers! (The two columns in there are meant to help practice awareness – so do take care, both when tori and when uke!).

From New dojo

The dojo is part of ‘Personlig Trener Service’ (PTS) run by Elias Krzywacki (photo), who is also the head instructor of Bujinkan dojo Norway, with whom we will be sharing the mat hours. Bujinkan practices the art of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, you can read more about them on their website. There are also a chiropractor and a dietitian with offices at PTS.

We had the first two preview sessions on Monday 28 and, tonight, Tuesday 29, and  here  are a few pics!

Location: Same entrance as ‘Personlig Trener Service’ to the left of the Narvesen kiosk in the Radisson Atlantic Hotel building (here’s a map). Parking: on the street behind Atlantic Hotel (point B on the map), which is free after 17.00. (PS – there are short cuts down to PTS… you’ll find them eventually…).

A new place means new routines, new considerations and a new schedule – but the welcome we’ve received there augurs a good cooperation.

New customs:
– all take off shoes at the entrance, do bring zori, slippers or flip-flops
change quickly then wait in the reception area until the instructor signals the beginning of class.
– we clean the dojo after every practice (hoovering and wiping with a humid mop). Bujinkan does likewise.
– please respect the remaining area (eg. weightlifting area) which is NOT open for us to use. We only cross it to get to the changing room or to get to the dojo when it is time for class.
– we respect others users and do not bother, disrupt or distract PTS clients or other users of the location – and we can expect the same respect in return.

 A new location also means a new schedule which will be tentative for a while, meaning we are trying to find the most suitable times to cater to both those who prefer early and those who prefer late. The practice hours will most likely be adjusted – so keep checking in!


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