West Coast Aikido Festival 2010

The second edition of the West Coast Aikido Festival had been organized in Stavanger by our dojo, and also this seminar, like the first one in Haugesund, was a success!!!

We had a really great participation of people from Bergen, Haugesund, Stavanger and even Oslo and Bø. For JūShinKan Aikido, it was indeed the seminar with the highest participation! And I think all the people had a great time practicing the 7 session instructed by 7 different instructors from the 3 dojos!  Here are some pictures.

Besides the good practice, we had also a very nice graduation session, with all the instructors in the graduation committee. All the people taking the exam passed: congratulations to all of them and particularly to Carlos Sanchez from Stavanger JūShinKan Aikido, who took 6.kyu.

Read more about it in Julie and Kristofer’s article about the seminar:  ‘West Coast Aikido Festival 2010 – the start of something great?‘ – also in Norwegian: Vestlandet Aikido Festival 2010 – begynnelsen på noe stort?


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