More Endo-rphines in Stavanger!

We are preparing for the next big event for our dojo:

Fabrice Somers, 5th dan

(14-16 May 2010 – Ascension long weekend)
see details here or FB-event,
Fabrice Somers was just awarded his 5th dan in January 2010 on the recommendation of Endo Shihan and presented by Doshu. Congratulations!

Fabrice’s own dojo just south of Brussels was recently inaugurated by Endo Sensei, to whom Fabrice is very close and often accompanies as uke in his European tours. Fabrice also spends a few weeks every year at Hombu to practice with Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba. He has a vibrant and joyful presence and is very generous when sharing his experience, emphasizing the principles that Endo stands for, taking the time to work with everyone present.  See video with Fabrice on the Junten Dojo site.

Read more about Fabrice Somers in this article: (English version) (Norwegian version).

Note to travelling aikidokas: Do Consider this event as a possible mini aiki-holiday, as the Thursday 13.5 is a holiday (Ascension / Kristi Himmelfart). How about a daytrip to the fjords to climb the nearby Pulpit Rock? and the Monday after (17.5) is the Norwegian National Day (the most Norwegian of Norwegian celebrations, here’s the city’s int’l celebration).

There are a few places available for private accomodation – and there is free overnight at the dojo (bring sleeping bag and a sleeping mat).

Welcome to Stavanger!  (also in between seminars, of course!)


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