What a season coming up at JuShinKan!

Autumn schedule starts up on Monday 16. september, we’re back with a 5 days a week practice schedule!

JuShinKan Aikido is organizing several seminars this season and new this year, we will be organizing club trips to Haugesund and Bergen! Mark and reserve the dates below:

Marc Bachraty, 5th dan (9-12 September, 2010)  see details here or FB-event here
If you like Christian Tissier, this Marc Bachraty seminar is for you! Marc is one of Tissier’s main students, teaches at his dojo in Vincennes and serves as uke for Tissier in many demonstrations (see YouTube videos) and seminars, as well as giving many seminars throughout Europe himself. A down to earth person with a warm personality, a good teacher with a powerful and clean technique!

Bachraty Sensei volunteered an extra practice session on the thursday (9.9 – for free!) and JuShinKan will be taking Bachraty  and all who are here to the fjords on friday daytime. We will be hosting aikidoka coming from Berlin, Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm and from all major cities in Norway – so we have plenty of good practice partners!

Kayla Feder, 6th dan (15-17 Octobre, 2010) see details here or FB-event here
Kayla Feder is one of the highest ranking lady aikidoka in the world and runs her own dojo in Berkeley, California, where also Jan Nevelius teaches once a year. Having been uchi deshi with Saito Sensei in Japan, Feder  brings a crisp and clear, yet circular and smooth technique, especially in weapon work, which this seminar will emphasize. Stavanger is the end station of her 4-week European tour (Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Vanadis in Stockholm, Germany, Switzerland and Stavanger). Visitors can stay until Monday and join Kayla Sensei and us for a little fjord-gazing as an optional extension to the seminar!

Frank Ostoff, 5th dan (22-24 Octobre, 2010, in Haugesund!) see details here or FB-event here
Frank Ostoff has been giving seminars in Oslo and Trondheim for years. He is known for his soft aikido and developping a soft high fall pedagogy together with Jan Nevelius.

Now the West Coast clubs are cooperating to bring Ostoff to the Western Norway on a rotational basis, this year for a weekend seminar in Haugesund followed by a monday session in Stavanger (next year Stavanger and Bergen, and so on).  Bring your jo!

JuShinKan will organize a club trip to Haugesund for the event and offers the transportation for free! Accomodation is for free too (at the dojo, bring a sleeping bag & pad). Sign up for the the “JuShinKan goes to Haugesund” road trip on Facebook or during class.

– West Coast Aikido Festival (4-6 February, 2011) details:  poster in englishplakat på norsk – or FB event here
We will also organize a club trip to Bergen, where the 3 West Coast dojos (Bergen, Haugesund and Stavanger) will get together for the third time. The instructors of the 3 dojos will each be teaching one session each. The aim of the event is to “know each other better, train with others than we are used to, learn from each other, and so that it will be easier to stop by in each other dojos and open our horizon”. Read the articles about the 1st festival in Haugesund and the 2nd festival in Stavanger to know more about it. You can count on some great socializing there!

– Fabrice Somers, 5th dan (30 april-1 May 2011) details coming soon or see Facebook event here

Fabrice Somers is coming back to hold his 2nd seminar in Stavanger! Somers is a close student of Endo Sensei,  whom he often accompanies as uke in his European tours. He also spends a few weeks every year at Hombu to practice with Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba. He has a vibrant and joyful presence and is very generous when sharing his experience, emphasizing the principles that Endo stands for, taking the time to work with everyone present.
Read more about Fabrice Somers in this article: (English version) (Norwegian version) and see a video with Fabrice on the Junten Dojo site.

– Marc Bachraty, 5th dan (25-28 August, 2011)  details later –  facebook event
After the first very successful Fjords’n’Aikido Seminar in september 2010, Marc Bachraty has pledged to come back  for another 4 days of aiki-pleasure on and off the mats! We got people coming from all over Europe to attend this one, so ‘marc’ your calendar!

Welcome to Stavanger!  (also in between seminars, of course!)


2 thoughts on “What a season coming up at JuShinKan!

  1. Just wondering about the two latter seminars on this page… It says 2010… Should I forget them, or did you mean 2011??? Please mean 2011… 😉
    Brgds SiRi (who is for once trying to get ahead in planning…)

  2. Thank you so much, SiRi, you have a keen eye and you’re absolutely right, the latter 2 seminars on our page are in 2011 (now corrected on the page). We’d be extremely glad if you didn’t “forget them”! Cheers! JuSHinKan

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