Great season coming up at JuShinKan

JuShinKan Aikido is organizing several seminars in the Winter/Spring:

– West Coast Aikido Festival in Haugesund (27-29 January, 2012) details:  poster in english  – or FB event here

JuShinKan is coorganizing the “Vestlandet Aikido Festival” together with Haugesund Aikidoklubb (the 2012 host), Bergen Aikidoklubb and BSI. This year, the new club in Sandnes will join in as well.

The instructors of the 5 dojos will each be teaching one session each, and Erik Vanem from Oslo Aikidoklubb and the technical committee of NAF will both teach and hold a NAF-grading (6th through 1st kyu).

JuShinKan will organize a club car-trip to Haugesund for which the club will cover the travel costs for members.

The aim of the event is to “know each other better, train with others than we are used to, learn from each other, and so that it will be easier to stop by in each other dojos and open our horizon”. Read the articles about the 1st festival in Haugesund and the 2nd festival in Stavanger to know more about it. You can count on some great socializing there!

– Fjords’n’Aikido with Fabrice Somers, 5th dan (seminar 27-29 april 2012 + fjords 30 april & 1. mai) poster coming soon or see Facebook event here

Fabrice Somers is coming back to hold his 3rd seminar in Stavanger! Somers is a close student of Endo Sensei,  whom he often accompanies as uke in his European tours. He also spends a few weeks every year at Hombu to practice with Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba. He has a vibrant and joyful presence and is very generous when sharing his experience, emphasizing the principles that Endo stands for, taking the time to work with everyone present.
Read more about Fabrice Somers in this article: (English version) (Norwegian version) and see a video with Fabrice on YouTube

Welcome to Stavanger!  (also in between seminars, of course!)


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