New-Dojo-Waza going on!

Green arrow shows the entrance - look for the cherry tree among the bamboo and the evergreen!

New Location’s adress: Lagårdsveien 91 (click for map).  This is the place! Entrance from the first floor (see arrow), look for the cherry “blossoms, the bamboo and the evergreen”…

Actually, we have 2 dojos, respectively 105 and 65 m2, with two large openings in between. We’ll install sliding doors, so they can be used together or separately!

There are also big changing rooms with lots of showers, a reception area for mingling and after practice social time, as well as a kitchenette. The corridor will become a gallery as well.

We’re all working hard to get the place up and going, and we’ve actually started practicing there after Easter (wednesday 11.4) – an inaugural practice with sushi & tea afterwards.

COME ON DOWN and help get the dojo ready!

New dojo is open for more new-dojo-waza!!! Call Jac or Bob or Trond to get access to the dojo to put in some time. Even if you only have a couple of hours – no job is too small, anything you can contribute gets us closer to opening time! Bring the kids!

Yet To Do:  paint, paint, paint! clear out, sweep & clean big dojo floor, paint, lay out the mats in big dojo, cut & glue some mats, get white stones, designing weapons rack, etc, etc, etc… did I mention painting?

Pictures from Day 1 & 2:    (or  click here for photostream on Facebook)

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Done So far:

Day 1 (sat 24.3): Moved out a few tons of training equipment, tore down all the “spinning makes you happy” posters, painted over the zingo-orange walls and decorations with some peaceful white and set up the railings for the mirrors. The small dojo is starting to look great! (50+ manhours)

Day 2 (sun 25.3): Finished painting the small dojo (it’s all peaceful white!) and installed the mirrors, moved 283 m2 of tatami from storage to big dojo (still in piles), scraped off stuff and heat-gunned off gunk, the corridor is half painted, planted a cherry tree and bamboo by the entrance and had sushi for lunch from the next door sushi place! (60+ man hours – damn we’re good!) – Check out the pics below!

Day 3 (mon 26.3): Cleaned ceiling lights & changed light rods (3 man hours)

Day 4 (tue 27.3): Changed light rods around (soft light in dojos and reception and bright light in the corridor), painted more corridor, sparkled holes in ceiling, straightened the mirrors, met the neighbours, moved stuff out of small dojo, broomed and washed it – ready to lay mats! (24 man hours). Thanks to Deirdre for coming by with drinks, sandwiches and goodies!!!

Day 5 (thu 29.3): Fixed a bugger of a light by cannibalizing another, washed & painted wood wall, then hung 4 big mirrors in the big dojo, fitted sidings around mirrors in small dojo and painted them, spray painted first coat on ventilation, signed papers & dispatched funding applications (19 man hours).

Day 6 (fri 30.3): Reception area half painted, one column painted, second coat of spray paint on ventilation, washed wooden walls, plans made for mat laying in small dojo, tried & failed to fix light sensor/switch in men’s WC (15 man hours)

Day 7 (sat 31.3): Spray painted ventilation;  painted pipework & cement beam in the ceiling, mirror sidings and back door, first coat of paint in the reception; scraped off all the paint drippings, dusted, washed & dried floor, corridor & reception; laid 3 plans for mat pattern, chose nr 3, tried 3 alpha corners, nr 3’s the charm! ; laid the center square of whole mats (27). (19 man hours)

Day 8 (sun 1.4): Second coat of paint in reception, took off the “wall skirts?” (‘lister’ in Norwegian); cut 5 mats in two lengthwise, then made two 39 cm wide mats with enough wrapping, stuffed the mats in the sides for a nice tight fit. 2 mats to go to finish!  (19 man hours)

Day 9 (mon 2.4): moved out one more HEAVY machines & shopped for mat-glue  (1 man hour)

Day 10 (tue 3.4): all the heavy machines are out (minus the one the other guy’s supposed to pick up), plan with Easter Key Masters sent out (9 man hours)

Day 11 (thu 5.4): more walls painted  (6 man hours)

Day 12 (mon 9.4): painted other half of corridor and one half of mens’ changing room, shomen table, shrine & 2 portraits are up in small dojo, planning mat layout big dojo, emptied the back corridor (25 man hours)

Day 13 (tue 10.4): one more wall painted in the big dojo, door steps & wall sidings by the steps cut to size in small dojo, one more mat cut, door curtains hung, one light fixed (17 man hours)

Day 14 (wed 11.4): Precut & scaled the remaining side-tatami, watched KI-guy dismantle and carry out the last weight-lifting machine, wall-sidings cut to right length, washed & cleaned up dojo for: First Practice in the New Dojo, followed by Sushi & Tea! (6 man hours)

Day 15 (thu 12.4): sparkled all the little bubble holes in the cement wall that will become the shomen wall + painted more of the wooden wall & the other column + wall sidings fitted and in place, ceiling holes after the repairmen fixed (8 man hours)

Day 16 (fri 13.4): odds and ends (2 man hours) & First weapons practice! no need to check the ceiling before swinging!

Day 17 (sat 14.4): end pieces on all the mirrors in big dojo, some electrical work, ceiling paneling back in place (nice!), painted the shomen wall, twice, as well as a couple of more walls in the big dojo, cleared & cleaned the storage room, moved red mats & oldest mats into storage, set up shelves for the dogi for sale, a detour to ikea, found a good bonzai tree for the reception & a couple of orchids, shoe rack built, hung a couple of prints in the bathrooms, framed O’Sensei, nailed the wooden siding to hold the mats in. Almost ready for matlaying (37,5 man hours – that’s a whole week’s work in one day!!!).

Day 18 (sun 15.4):   Changed a bunch of switches around (but it was the light that was dead…), one more big plant in, secured the shoe rack, remaining wall in the reception painted, twice, retaining wood strip to hold mats in place in both dojos, cut the last mats in the small dojo – all done!, dumped a carload of rubbish, hung O’sensei portrait in the big dojo as well as a bamboo calligraphy, big dojo is cleared and almost all clean and ready for matlaying!  (16 man hours).

Day 19 (mon 16.4): tested framing of woodprints (1 manhour). First guest at practice, from Bergen, Mathias Alerini, staying all week!

Day 20 (tue 17.4):  second coat of paint under the mirrors and finishing touch in reception, started laying out the mats in the big dojo and found that the walls are not straight, rethinking alignement plan (6 man hours).

Day 21 (thu 19.4): bought cloth & rod to block view in changing rooms, handpicked & washed white stones (2 x 10 liter buckets) took off all the tatami in small dojo (they’re going to do more plumbing in the ceiling… aaaaargh!), framed all the prints (6 manhour)

Day 22 (sat 21.4): the light in the men’s room now works, hung all the prints (we now have a gallery-corridor!), finished painting the other half of the men’s changing room, fixed the damage in the wall done by the plumber, etc (15? man hours)

Day 23 (sun 22.4): repainted the top part of small dojo, half painted women’s changing room, whole mats laid out again in the big dojo (ready for cutting triangles), batton’ed the one side to keep mats in place, moved all the painting stuff & other equipment to storage room (16? man hours)

Day 24 (mon 23.4): mats in small dojo relaid with new pattern,  finished painting women’s changing room, started cutting triangles, laid out white stones under kamiza (6 man hours)

Day 25 (tue 24.4): more mat triangles and fitting mats around the round columns, no more matpiles, room looks huge now!, removed doors of the changing rooms, hung separators and cloth instead (9 man hours).

Day 26 (wed 25.4): cut the remaining triangles and odd shapes – mats finished!!! put all the painting paraphernalia in the storage room (9 man hours)

– todays’ the seminar! will all the odd jobs be finished in time???


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