Seminar with Erik Vanem (3. Dan Aikikai, NAF

 Our next seminar is with Erik Vanem, 3. dan Aikikai and member of the NAF technical committee.
There will be a possibility to grade up to 1. kyu (more info on grading below).
(click on the picture for a downloadable info poster)

Erik Vanem started Aikido in 1991, and received his 3.dan from Kanetsuka sensei in 2005. His main teachers are Doshu, Kanetsuka sensei, Endo sensei and Tissier sensei, with inspiration from many more. He has contributed to Norwegian Aikido growth through his practice, by organizing a yearly group tour to Japan and starting Oslo Aikido Festival , which inspired our own West Coast Aikido festival. In 2003, he started Oslo Aikido Klubb (OAK) and in 2008 he became member of the NAF technical committee. This is his fourth visit to Stavanger!

Travelling to Stavanger? It’s free to stay at the dojo – bring sleeping mat and sleeping bag.
There is a coffee machine, water cooker, microwave, cups, glasses and cutlery for your convenience at the dojo. Food shops, fast food (inkl. sushi!)  & ATM nearby.
Check the location tab on the right hand menu to find out how to get here by airport shuttle, train, bus or car.


For those considering to grade:
– Talk to the main instructor of your club to discuss your readiness to grade (at JuShinKan: Bob)
– Check the pensum/syllabus and go through what you are insecure about
– Print out the application for grading, fill out and get it signed by your main instructor
– See page 3 on the application for explanation of the 5 things you are graded on: technical, Kokyu Rokyu, Maai, Shisei, and Spirit (in Norwegian)
– Bring your aikido passport – if you don’t have one, talk to Jac ahead of time!


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