Double seminar with Roberto Martucci (6. dan)

Roberto Martucci - 6. danIt is JuShinKan and Tekisuikan’s great priviledge to co-host a double seminar with Roberto Martucci (6. Dan) for his first visit to Norway! Several of his students will accompany him on this tour taking him to Trondheim and Stavanger.

The first part of the seminar will take place during the weekend of 26-28 april, hosted by Tekisuikan in Trondheim. The tour continues here in Stavanger with a Fjords’n’Aikido seminar on tue 30 april (with evening practice), and a full day of practice on wednesday, the 1st of May (that’s a work free day!).
Additionnally, on the Monday evening (29.4), JuShinKan will hold a special class
on the theme of musubi (connection between Uke and Tori) to prepare for the seminar with Martucci Sensei.

For more details, see:
Part I Seminar in Trondheim: see Info / Facebook event
Part II Fjords’n’Aikido in Stavanger: see Info / Facebook event 

Roberto Martucci Sensei started practicing Aikido in 1975 and from that year on he has studied, taught and diffused this discipline with unceasing passion. Since 1993 he follows the teachings of Christian Tissier Shihan (7. Dan) , and subsequently, Seishiro Endo Shihan (8. Dan). Read more about Roberto Martucci here.

It is very much a pleasure to practice with such a jovial, warm and generous sensei, who is able to amalgamate the teachings of Tissier and Endo sensei into his own beautiful contact-based, yet sharp, aikido. Have a look at some of these videos:

Roberto Martucci is founder of and Instructor at Aikido Kashin Roma, today one of the most attended Aikido schools in Rome, and teaches seminars in Italy and around Europe, often hosted by and hosting seminars with sensei we appreciate also in Stavanger, namely: Endo Sensei, Jan Nevelius, Dirk Müller, Ulli Kubetzek and more…

Welcome to Trondheim and Stavanger, Roberto Martucci and students!


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