New at JuShinKan: Mini-Maxi Mix Aikido

We received many enquiries about aikido for kids (age 5-10), and some also asked about training together with the kids. What a great idea, we thought – lets go!  Here are pictures from the first two practices (on Facebook). 

This is a trial-project for kids 5/6 until  9/10 years old and we would very much like that the child brings a parent or significant big person to practice with.


When: Wednesdays – 17.15-18.15
(do come at the latest at 17, so we get to chat and play a bit first)

Period: first time Wednesday 15 may – last time 19 June
(total 6 times, until school’s out)  

Price: free for members and their children, and kr 210* per family for 6 times
(NB: *this will be refunded if you join JuShinKan as a member after this course!!!)

Instructors: there will  always be a black belt instuctor in the class, as well as an assistant instructor. Primarily: Jacqueline and Pascal

Clothing: training pants & long-armed t-shirt is fine, those who have a uniform from another martial art, feel free to use that!

How does it work? 
Kids and parents will train together, sometimes adults and kids separately, and sometimes all together.
Since kids have a shorter attention span, there will be some playtime, but all the games will be aiki-games, meaning that even if we play, we’re still practicing aikido…  =)

WE are aiming to develop cooperation, respect, concentration, balance, compassion and more – all through the practice of aikido – and we aim to have fun together!

This is an introduction to something that we hope will become a permanent feature in the club’s aiki-schedule as of school start in the Autumn 2013. Kids will then have to join the club, and the parent who want to join too may do so at half (the adult) price, for as long as their child is a member.

Oh, and feel free to inform to friends and family who may be interested!  The more, the merrier!
Here’s the link to the info-poster:
And the Facebook event:


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