Con la Norvegia nel cuore (with Norway in my heart)

Massimiliano Melone is one of four aikidoka from Kashin Dojo in Rome who followed their Sensei Roberto Martucci (6. dan) to Norway, to participate in the double aikido seminar, starting with a weekend in Trondheim, followed by a week exploring the Stavanger region, and sharing their wonderful aikido with the JuShinKan crowd.  Here is his experience of the trip: 

Catapulted into a magical and enveloping nature… thus began the adventure, new experiences beyond our imagination.

We were met by an unusual warmth; the burning anticipation to ignite the soul from the very first meeting. It was incredible to be able to touch this feeling inside the dojo with your own hands; the warmth surrounded us, invigorating us in a relaxed and joyous atmosphere.

Classes stretched out with the passing of time in a natural flow of mutual understanding; both teacher and students mixing perceptions and contacts, shaping a technical form onto an energetic substance.

Every opportunity was exploited to meet at a point, then the let oneself go in one’s own expression, amazingly in tune with each other, in full freedom.

MMarticleImage3Just as many emotions were engendered in meeting an attitude towards a more energetic and vigorous practice, yet at the same time was sincere and loyal. The desire to learn and experiment joyfully what was being proposed was palpable in the many exchanges, as if we’d known each other forever.

Mind, heart and soul were engaged at the same time through the sharing, gifting us all with an intensive and enjoyable practice.

… And it was exciting to get in touch with such vigorous spirits…   every day you could see their souls reflected in the depth of their eyes .. just as when, at sunset,  the deep blue sea reflects and merges with the sky… until you couldn’t tell aymore where the sky ended and the sea began.

This is the true image of people who are extraordinary in every situation, strong and open in their purity and devotion; a concrete example of how it is possible to live in harmony and freedom through a challenging but serene path, made of assiduous practice, sharing and silence, shedding the need to seek protection from what surrounds them… because they simply are present in the right attitude and real dimension every single day.

Now the heart is still beating strong… and will continue to do so while pulsing out thoughts and reflections that are always new and vibrant … I will always carry inside the feelings imparted by this wonderful experience, the meaning of which still runs deep in me, distilled in the words of our Sensei Roberto …. “He who is truly free needs no protection… does not need to protect himself ….. he who is truly free … just exists!”

Text: Massimiliano Melone     Translation by Jacqueline von Arb & photos from the original article ‘Con la Norvegia nel cuore’ on the Aikido Kashin Life blog (reposted with permission). 


One thought on “Con la Norvegia nel cuore (with Norway in my heart)

  1. What a great article you wrote in Aikido Kashin Life, Massimiliano … it touched me in the bottom of my heart and makes me relive the good times and the wonderful practice during your visit … I have left many beautiful memories, feelings of peace and this warmth, such as the ash that still give warmth, even when the fire has gone out, and that only needs a small thought to light up again! Thank you so much for all this, Massimiliano, Maria, Paolo, Matteo, and of course, Roberto Sensei!

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