Autumn season at JuShinKan starts 26 august!

20130501-GroupCrazyOn Monday 26 august, a new aikido-semester is about to begin, and we are back with aikido classes 7 days a week!

Monday through Friday 18.30-20.00 (easy to remember!) plus saturday/sunday usually at 12-13.30 (check Facebook or call Tomek for possible changes). More about the classes below! Should you forget, you can alway find the information on our website (click “schedule” in right column).
And for the younger crowd:
The Juniors (10-14 year-olds) start again on thursdays 17.15-18.15, and
New this year: Mini-Maxi-Mix (5/6 to 9 who bring along an adult to train with) will be on wednesdays 17.15-18.15
(see description of Mini-Maxi-Mix in this article)
Remember 6-8 september and “marc” your calendars for a great aikido weekend seminar with an instructor from France, Marc Bachraty (5th dan, Tissier student, look him up on youtube!). All levels are welcome!
More info and schedule here.  Come to practice and let’s get in shape for this together!
About the classes: 
We continue to focus on beginners and basics on Monday and Wednesday, so if you have family or friends who want to try aikido, these are good days to take them along!
Tuesday will be for the more advanced, meaning those comfortable with the art of falling (ukemi). If you’re in doubt whether you can attend this, ask Bob (it’s his class, and he’s the head instructor).
Thursday we continue to explore the connection between weapons and aikido techniques, this is open for all.
The Friday class will be a 2-hour weapons class, mostly jo (wooden staff) and tanto (wooden knife).
Saturday and Sunday offer the opportunity to train extra on something you need or are interested in, in the form of a workshop. Saturday will include one part with self-defence based on aikido techniques.
Welcome Back!

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