Support JuShinKan – for free!!!

grasrot_logoDo you like to play Lotto, Tipping and Joker
(or any other games organized by Norsk Tipping)???
(**for norsk – følg anvisning nederst ved **)

Some of your bettings go automatically to sports in Norway – but here YOU can decide WHO gets 5% of your betting money – so why not make sure that JuShinKan gets it?

Note that your betting amount is in no way diminished, nor is whatever prize you might win any smaller. In other words, it costs you NOTHING to support your favourite club – Stavanger JuShinkan Aikido! You don’t even have to practice actively, nor do you have to be in Stavanger to do so!!!

Here’s how: register your tipping card to JuShinKan, and the rest will go automatically from then on! There are 4 ways to do so really easily:

1.By text message (SMS): send GRASROTANDELEN 993938971 to 2020
(easiest and it’s free to do so!)
2. At any playing booth – print* and take along the barcode and your playing card.
3. Internett: go to, search JuShinKan, then klick “tilknytt”
4. Norsk Tipping’s Mobilspill

*To print the barcode and/or to see this text in Norwegian: click here  – then do a search on ‘JuShinKan’ – then click ‘Strekkode’ (for the barcode only) or ‘Vervebrev’ (barcode + this text in Norwegian)- then print the pdf
**For å se dette på norsk klikk her  – så søk på ‘JuShinKan’ – klikk deretter ‘Vervebrev’ (for denne teksten på norsk+ stekkode) – print gjerne pdf’en og ta med der du spiller)

Thank you for supporting JuShinKan via “Grasrotandelen” – it all helps!


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