Massage and Aikido with 6. dan Mouliko Halén!


JuShinKan is grateful to the Kampsportforbundet (Martial Arts Federation) for bringing Mouliko Halén to Stavanger for a Massage course aimed at martial artists. Mouliko Sensei graciously accepted to teach a few aikido classes as well, since he was here already. It’s going to be a GREAT weekend! We’ve created a Facebook event – do sign up

*Offer A: Massage Course med Mouliko Halén (with 30 years of experience in massage): includes sports massage combined with acupressure & shiatsu for martial arts & for life
Price: for only kr 250,- pr person for 4 hours! Great offer subsedized heavily by the Martial Arts Federation (NKF)
Bring your better half, a good friend or a training partner!

*Offer B: Aikido Practice with Mouliko Halén (6. dan)
Sat afternoon (1 class) and sunday (2 classes)
Price: kr 100 pr class
Special offer for JuShinKan members only: kr 250 for all 3 classes

Sign up ASAP! To Jacqueline 98250628 or or on the Facebook event !
Place: JuShinKan dojo, Lagårdsveien 91, Stavanger

SATURDAY 23. nov.
A: 12.00-16.00 massage course (kr 250,-)
B1: 17.30-19.00 aikido (kr 100,-)

SUNDAY 24. nov
B2: 10.00-11.00 aikido (kr 100,-)
B3: 11.10-12.10 aikido (kr 100,-)



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