New Dojo from March 1st!

It’s Bigger, better and it’s all ours, with great neighbours such as Elixia (biggest training centre in the region) and Idrettsklinikken (a therapy institution for sports injuries). 
For pictures of the new dojo on Facebook

The new Location’s adress: Hillevågsveien 31-33 (click for map). Entrance by foot from Hillevågsveien (look for the stairway in the building between Elixia and Esso)

There is parking behind the building, access via the Esso Station – 2 hours free, but do take a parking ticket!  Use the back entrance.  For direction on how to get there by bus / airport shuttle / train and info on accomodation nearby: click “location” in the menu on the right.

We now have 2 separate dojos: the main dojo is 130 m2 and can be expanded to 160 m2 if the corridor is matted as well (f.ex. when we have seminars). It is matted with judo mats, and a layer of under-mats to soften falls. 

The smaller dojo is a separate room of ca 50 m2 with mirrors on one side. Perfect for non-matted activities such as iaido, tai-chi, chi-gong, yoga, kung fu, etc. We are, in fact, looking for like-minded groups to sub-let time in our dojo.

We are currently building changin rooms, and installing a couple of showers. There is also a spacious area for socializing, complete with a kitchenette (with fridge/freezer, water cooker, coffee machine, microwave, oven (but no cooking plates) and a sink. The corridor will become a gallery as well.

In the back there are two additional rooms with windows from floor to ceiling, for which we would like to welcome like-minded therapists, or groups wanting their own room.

We’re all working hard to get the place up and going, and we will start practicing there the first week of March, after an inauguration party on March 1st.

COME ON DOWN and help get the dojo ready!  There’s more to do!

New dojo is open for more new-dojo-waza!!! Call Bob or Stancho to get access to the dojo if you have some extra time to volunteer. Even if you only have a couple of hours – no job is too small, anything you can contribute gets us closer to enjoying a wonderful new dojo!

We’ve already had one “dugnad” weekend (21-23 February 2014) during which we moved most of the mats/materials/uniforms, dismounted the mirrors, painted the imPossible Purple into Wonderful White, cleaned and redirected the ventilation ducts, and many other odd jobs.

Next weekend (1-2 March) – we will place the undermats and the mats in the new dojo and celebrate our good forturne on Saturday night.

Pictures from Day 1 & 2 & 3:  click here for photostream on Facebook)

Done So far:

Day 1 (fri 21.2): Two shower cabinets were delivered and carried upstairs. Truck and trailed time were donated for shuttle traffic between the dojos – we moved all the mats from storage, the blue mats, the uniforms, weapons, kitchen and other equipment to the new dojo’s little dojo, including the big box with the cherry tree, the pine and the bamboo (70 manhours)

Day 2 (sat 22.2): Kitchen doors, fixings and paint all fixed up. All lights in the dojo are serviced. Painted two coats in the main dojo: the ceiling is no longer black and the imPossible Purple has become peaceful White. Ventilation ducts are cleaned and rotated to maximize head room. Entry hall mirror removed, plastered and painted. Mirrors in the old dojo were dismounted. Thanks to those who came by with hotdogs and coffee!  (70? manhours)

Day 3 (sun 23.2): All painting done in main dojo and entrance. Storage stuff moved from small dojo to back room. Small dojo cleaned. Big dojo tidied and looking great (corridor needs a polish….). All mirrors moved to new dojo (no breaks!).  (50 man hours)

– Undermats are coming thurday or friday – to be carried upstairs
– Mat laying session (cutting old and uneven mats for the uneven walls) -> March 1st
– Party Satuday evening (1st March)
– Plan walls for a changing room
– Install showers and connect washing machine
– Install hooks and benches in the changing rooms


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