Extra: Self-Defence for Women, introduction course

IMG_9106-GROUPJuShinKan invites all the ladies in the club together with a guest group from Conoco Phillips and others who would like to try some self-defence, aikido-style!
(Guys are welcome of course – and they get to be the “bad boys”!!!)

It is a two-part course:

I. Thursday 24.4 – 18.30-20.30: Introduction, Techniques and Application
II. Sunday 27.4 – 12.00-14.00: Repetition, Practice and more

It is possible to attend just one of the days.

The instructor, Tomek Gaertner, has studied aikido at the special intensive one-year course for the Tokyo Riot Police in Japan – he will show effective techniques aimed at defending oneself with neutralizing the attacker.

Open for all women (15 yr-old minimum), with previous martial arts experience or without.

Price: free for members of JuShinKan – 50 kr/day for others.
Sign-up/more info: on the Facebook Event  or call 98250628 (Jacqueline) or 95708408 (Bob)



2 thoughts on “Extra: Self-Defence for Women, introduction course

  1. Its a good thing giving self-defense training to women. These times women going out is alone is very dangerous. Studying self-defense will make them aware to be cautious of the surroundings and also make them aware to take precautions if they see someone trying to attack.

  2. Indeed! Thank you for the feedback, though let’s remember that a one-course alone is far from enough to be effective (this is why we called it an introduction to self-defence). Longterm training, repetition and practice is good for women on many levels, self-defence and awareness being only 2 of them.

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