Exciting 2016 at JuShinKan!

Not only does JuShinKan have a beautiful and spacious dojo and a good influx of new members (especially young ladies) we also have plenty of great aikido activities lined up for the year – do mark your calendars!

– West Coast Aikido Festival (26-28 February, 2016) details:  poster-pdf – check updates on the FB event here

PicsArt (farge)

It’s the 8th time that the 5 isolated clubs of the West Coast get together for the “West Coast Aikido Festival” (Vestlandet Aikido Festival or VAF), this time hosted by JuShinkan. Bergen Aikidoklubb, Haugesund Aikidoklubb, BSI and Kristiansund each organize a club trip to attend.

The aim of the event is to “know each other better, train with others than we are used to, learn from each other, and so that it will be easier to stop by in each other dojos and open our horizon”. You can count on some good aikido and great socializing there!

One instructor from each of the 5 dojos will each be teaching one session, and Erik Vanem (3. dan, Oslo Aikidoklubb) and from the NAF technical committee will both teach one session and preside over the grading (6th through 1st kyu) for the NAF candidates.

Transportation to Stavanger is sponsored by VAF/NKF for up to one car pr participating West Coast club – fill them up! Accomodation: free at the dojo  (15+ mattresses are there)

– Seminar with Roberto Martucci, 6th dan (15-17 april 2016) poster in English  (coming soon) Roberto Martucci, 6th Danor see updates on Facebook event

Roberto Martucci  is coming back to hold his 3rd seminar in Stavanger! It is very much a pleasure to practice with such a jovial, warm and generous sensei, who, with a background of Tissier-line aikido now fully embraces the teachings of Endo sensei into his own beautiful contact-based, yet sharp, aikido.

This year Roberto Martucci is bringing some of his students, and already several aikidoka from Trondheim and Oslo have announced that they are coming! – This augurs well for good practice!!!

– Seminar with Ole Kingston, 4th dan Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu
(20-22 May 2016) see Facebook event.
2015-04-gruppeHappy-croppedOle Kingston teaches from a wheelchair and this seminar is part of Stavanger JuShinKan Aikido’s project on how to integrate differently-abled aikidoka into our dojo and training, 2-year a project sponsored by the Extrastiftelsen Foundation.
We will continue to explore the common principles between aikijujutsu and aikido, and how to apply these to wheelchair practitioners, as well as discuss what integration and adaptation mean both to the club and the practitioners.

Club Trip to Seminar with Kaname Ariga, 6th dan, dojo-cho of Endo Shihan’s dojo in Saku, Japan (10-12 June 2016, in Oslo) poster in English, see Facebook event for the seminar, Facebook event for Club Trip – and practical info on our website

Ariga2016Final2-jpgJuShinKan, together with a couple of Finnish clubs, is co-organizing Ariga Sensei’s June tour of Scandinavia, and the Norwegian leg of trip will go to Oslo.

Ariga Sensei is one of the closest deshi (student) of Endo Seishiro Shihan. He started Aikido in 1989 and is now an instructor at Endo Sensei’s home dojo in Saku, Japan. He is one of Endo Sensei’s favorite uke and gives seminars throughout Europe several times a year. If you’re a fan of Endo’s softness – this one cannot be missed!
JuShinKan will organize a club trip to Oslo for this one, already 11 Jushinkan’ers are going!
Video with Ariga at the All Japan Embukai 2013
Video with Ariga at the Saku Embukai 2014 (Jörg Kretschmar, uke)

Yamashima Shihan, 7th dan, Scandinavia Tour 2016 includes Stavanger!
(8-10 august 2016)  tour poster  & Facebook event

Yamashima BildeTakeshi Yamashima is a longtime student of Yamaguchi sensei, and is famous for his very soft aikido. He has been a regular at Hombu Dojo’s morning classes for many years and instructs at a number of dojo in the Tokyo area, and extensively at seminars throughout the world.

The 2016 Scandinavia tour will start with a weekend seminar in Oslo (5-7 aug), mid-week classes in Stavanger (8-10 aug), then continue with another weekend seminar in Stockholm (11-14 aug).

Peter & Anna Spangfort (6 & 5 dan), as well as several other high graded Swedish aikidoka friends are following Yamashima to Oslo and Stavanger – we are garanteed great training and good times!
Videos: Yamashima Oslo 2015 – Yamashima Heidelberg 2014

– Fjords’n’Aikido Marc Bachraty, 5th dan (25-28 aug 2016)
see info poster in English (coming soon) and Facebook event

2010-Marc&Henryk-cutoutFor the 8th seminar with Marc Bachraty – we’re going to try something new! but same old, Marc is offering an extra class on thursday evening!

If you like Christian Tissier, this Marc Bachraty seminar is for you! Marc is one of Tissier’s main students, substitute teaches at his dojo in Vincennes for him and serves as uke for Tissier in many demonstrations (see YouTube videos) and seminars, as well as giving many international seminars himself. A down to earth person with a warm personality, a good teacher with a powerful and clean technique! Bachraty Sensei is usually followed by many aikidoka travelling to Stavanger to practice and share a good time – this seminar attracts over 50 aikidoka, also from Austria, Chile, England, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland (so far…) and from all major cities in Norway – so we have plenty of good practice partners!

Welcome to Stavanger!  (also in between seminars, of course!)



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