Ariga Sensei in Oslo – June 2016

poster in English & Facebook event for the seminar & Club Trip from Stavanger (on FB)
(see practical info below).Ariga2016Final2-jpg
JuShinKan has the honour of organizing the Norwegian leg of Ariga Sensei’s June Scandinavian Tour, with the cooperation of Sentrum Aikido, Sunyata Aikido dojos and the Martial Arts Federation. The seminar will take place at Sentrum Aikido in Oslo. (see practical info below).

Ariga Sensei (6. dan) is one of the closest deshi (student) of Endo Seishiro Shihan (8. dan). He started Aikido in 1989 and is now an instructor at Endo Sensei’s home dojo in Saku, Japan. He is also one of Endo Sensei’s favorite uke and gives seminars throughout Europe several times a year. If you’re a fan of Endo’s softness – this one cannot be missed!

JuShinKan organizes a club trip to Oslo for this one, and will subsedize the training fee for any of our members wishing to attend!  We’re already 11 from JuShinKan who plan to attend! There is free dojo overnight at Sentrum Aikido, the venue of the seminar.

Video with Ariga at the All Japan Embukai 2013
Video with Ariga at the Saku Embukai 2014 (Jörg Kretschmar, uke)

Practical information:

*Training schedule:
Friday 10: 19-21
Saturday 11: 10.30-12.30 & 15.30-17.30   (dinner and/or party ca 20.00)
Sunday: 11-13

600 NOK whole camp / 200 NOK per session
500 / 150 for people travelling more than 300 km, students, unemployed.
Payment by Norwegian credit card will be accepted (iZettle).
People from abroad: please bring cash.
Please register as “attending” (deltar) on the Facebook event
Sentrum Aikidoklubb at Oslo Karateklubb
Brinken 20, 0654 Oslo, Norway   see google map
GPS: 59.911385, 10.778489     directions in Norwegian
Parking: please observe parking regulations (pay parking tickets), parking attendants are zealous with giving out tickets…
*How to get there – from downtown – info will be posted in time.
From Oslo S (train/bus central station): Take Bus 60 to Brinken, then go down the stairs behind the Prix food shop.
– or – Take T-bane (metro, eastbound) to Tøyen, walk south on the divided main road to corner with Nannestadgata, you should see a sign with Oslo Karateklub beyond the parking area, with a Prix shop above it.
 – from the airport: After customs, turn right and walk to the end of the hall. There are 2 possibilities (both go to Oslo S):
a: regular train NSB – buy ticket from the RED booths – kr 92 – then go to the left to track 4, goes twice an hour, cheaper, and only 5-10 minutes more than the express.
b: express train “Flytoget” – buy ticket from the ORANGE booths, or just swipe your credit card at the entrance – kr 180 – keep right – departure every 10 mn, and takes 20 mn to downtown.
Then proceed with the above “how to get there from downtown” – your train ticket allows you to take the metro as well within a 2 hour time frame.
-At the dojo/hall: FREE (there is a kitchenette there, with water cooker, coffee machine, microwave and fridge – shower/sauna). Bring a sleeping bag and sleeping pad.
Restaurants  & coffee shops are nearby & there is a food shop right above the dojo.
-“City Appartments“: next door to dojo: price example for 2 nights, cancellable/refundable, no breakfast):
twin room (kr 1400), 4-bed apartment (kr 2200), 2-bedroom appartment for 4 people (kr 2600)

*More information:
Contact Jacqueline   mobile: +47 98250628   facebook: aikimama  or email

Welcome to Oslo and Norway!


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