Kaname Ariga sensei – Oslo 2017

Welcome to Kaname Ariga’s (6.dan) second seminar in Norway!

The seminar is part of Ariga Sensei’s 2017 Scandinavian Tour of Norway and Finland, organised by JuShinKan Aikido, in cooperation with the Finnish host clubs – with the assistance of Sentrum Aikido, Sunyata Aikido dojos and the Kampsportforbundet (Norwegian Martial Arts Federation).

Ariga Sensei is one of the closest Japanese deshi (students) of Endo Shihan, figuring as his uke in many demonstrations and instructional DVDs. He started Aikido in 1989 at the age of 15, and now teaches at and runs the Saku Dojo in Japan. He also teaches international seminars in Finland, Spain, England, Austria, Slovakia and Germany. 

He teaches a simple, elegant, soft and contact-based, yet effective aikido style, and is a very friendly, generous and inspiring teacher.

New in 2017: Pre-registration and Pre-payment

Help keep the registration and payment queues down:
Please Pre-register (see form below) and Pre-pay (payment info below):

Training schedule:

  • Friday 9 jun: 19.00 – 21.00
  • Saturday 10 jun:
    • 10.30 – 12.30
    • 16.00 – 18.00
    • evening dinner TBA
  • Sunday 11 jun: 11.00 – 13.00


  • Sentrum Aikidoklubb – Brinken 20, 0654 Oslo, Norway
  • Google Maps link here
  • GPS: 59.911385, 10.778489
  • click here for tips on how to get there (from the airport or from downtown) and how to get around cheaper in Oslo:


  • 600 NOK whole camp / 200 NOK per session.
  • 100/50 NOK rebate for travellers from West Coast, Trondheim, North & Abroad, as well as students and unemployed – full course only.

Payment methods

This year we open for pre-payment! Please help keep the registration queues down and prepay:

  • Domestic bank transfer to JuShinKan Aikido account nr: 96803620544
  • International Bank transfer:
    • IBAN: NO9196803620544
    • NB: state who the payment is for in the comment field!
    • if you have problems to transfer in NOK, please transfer EUR 60 for the full seminar (which includes an amount to cover bank fees on our side) – or bring cash.
  • Credit card payment will be accepted (iZettle) at the seminar with a 3% fee.
    Foreign credit cards: the system may or may not accept foreign Credit Cards – so best to pre-pay by bank, or bring cash.


  • At the dojo: free (there is a kitchenette there, with water cooker, coffee machine, microwave and fridge – shower/sauna).
  • City Appartments: next door to dojo: price example (2016) for 2 nights, cancellable/refundable, no breakfast):

For more information, please visit the seminar’s Facebook page, or contact Jacqueline:

Registration Form:

We look forwards to seeing you in Oslo!



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