new INFO for Nevelius/Martucci seminar

(Updated friday night 25th)

Information seminar poster:
click here
NB: new schedule on Sunday:   10-11.30  and 12-13.30

Traffic info  IMPORTANT! 
This week there is a bicycle race going on in Stavanger which will close certain areas of the city to traffic at certain times. This WILL affect traffic, especially since start and finish line are right outside our venue.
No effect expected thursday and friday (but do consider using extra time to get to the dojo or to Siddishallen just in case).

Here you find info about:
– Entrance to the venue
– Saturday traffic

– Sunday traffic, including a “secret” way out (or in, if you need to come in when roads are closed (better park up on top by the shopping centre and walk down).
Entrance to the venue (sat & sun): 
The Main Entrance of Siddishallen will most likely be shut. Enter through the back entrance, you may have to walk around the building. See map 1 below & then look for poster on the door.

Saturday Parking: recommended:
– if you can walk or bicycle, do so
– bus routes in the afternoon likely affected- check
– if you have to drive: get there for the first session, park in the subterranean Parking, waaaaay in the back, there are stairs there straight up to the Siddishall. And LEAVE THE CAR THERE the rest of the day. Roads close around 15.15 and don’t re-open until 18.30.
There is a “secret” way out to leave earlier, see map 3.
Lunch Saturday: Bring your own or buy something on the way (@ Kiwi), we convene down by the lake – see map 2.
Sunday: NEW SCHEDULE! half hour earlier and less break!
Classes: 10-11.30 and 12-13.30 (Bring drinks and snack for the break).
After: shower FAST and leave the area by 14 (they start closing roads again at 14).
NB: the bicycle race uses another route today, circular, GET OUT OF IT by 14!!!
It will open again by 17.

But… good news:

We are planning to head for the Beach at Sola/Ølberg for a post seminar wind-down / pic-nic. And our guests will be closer to the airport !!
MAP 1 – Parking and Entrance

MAP 2 – Lunch Saturday
MAP 3 – “secret” way in/out = through the parking at the Tjensvoll centre
When life throws ya a few punches, “shut up and take ukemi” !  and then we go to the Beach.  
More traffic info to be found here (in Norwegian) including maps.


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