Multidojo online class with Ariga Sensei

Kaname Ariga Sensei

June usually brings Ariga Sensei’s yearly Scandinavian Tour, with visits in Oslo/Stavanger in Norway and Helsinki/Vantaa in Finland. The physical seminars had to be cancelled this year again – but the organizers are getting together to offer an international multi-dojo online seminar instead – also open for home-attendance!

This event is organised by Stavanger JuShinKan Aikido in Norway, the Finnish clubs Vantaan Jukara and Akari and Saku Dojo, with the assistance of Sentrum Aikido and Sunyata Aikido dojos in Norway, Meido-Kan and Jigotai in Finland.

Ariga Sensei is one of the closest Japanese deshi (students) of Endo Shihan, figuring as his uke in many demonstrations and instructional DVDs. He started Aikido in 1989 at the age of 15, and now teaches at and runs Saku Dojo in Japan. He also teaches international seminars in Finland, Spain, England, Austria, Slovakia, Germany and Russia. 

He teaches a simple, elegant, soft and contact-based, yet effective aikido style, and is a very friendly, generous and inspiring teacher.

New for this event: Donation based participation

Even though many attendees of previous event wished to contribute to the event, Ariga Sensei felt it was important first and foremost to keep practicing and keep in contact with the aikido community. He has until now declined to accept donations. However, due to the precarious situation of Saku Dojo, especially after also having had to cancel the May event, both Ariga Sensei and the organizers wish to dedicate this event to support Saku Dojo in these difficult times. Here are Ariga Sensei’s own words on the subject (in English and 日本語). The proceeds will go to Saku Dojo and Ariga Sensei, hoping that we can ease the hardship somewhat and help keep organizing such events as this.

– 2021 年 5 月 20 日
合氣道佐久道場 有賀要

Saku Dojo, Japan
on the “Endo Way” to Saku Dojo!


Saturday 19 June
= 20.00-21.30 (Japan time)
= 13.00-14.30 (Norway/CEST)
= 14.00-15.30 (Finland)
not in JAP/NOR/FIN? find class time in YOUR location here

How can I donate to support Saku Dojo:

Note: to minimize transaction fees as much as possible, Jacqueline (Aikimama) was asked to collect donation outside of Japan (for Japan, see box below). Collecting and sending one sum for each dojo or household also helps. We added several ways to donate, as one may be easier than another depending on which country you send from.

  • Suggestion of 50-200 NOK (5-20 EUR) per person for the class, but you can choose a sum of your own choice.
  • Click one of the donate button to contribute (you may have to create an account either way).
  • If you don’t have Paypal, try anyway, sometimes there is an option to “pay as guest” with debit/credit card
  • or by bank transfer or Transferwise (now called Wise) to: – Jacqueline von Arb
    address: Ormoyveien 111 / 4085 Hundvag / Norway
    IBAN-Kontonummer : NO1691001435847    
    BIC-kode : STFBNOKK
  • Vipps to 98250628 (for Norwegian residents only)
For residents of Japan only:


1. 銀行振込
振込先:有賀要(アリガ カナメ)   
2. PayPal 送金先メールアドレス:


How do I join the online class?

  • Klikk on the registration button, a zoom link will be sent to you by email.
  • For best results, download/sign up for zoom or check that you have the latest version of zoom.
  • 参加には登録が必要です。下の登録ボタンより登録をお願いします。ズームのリンクをメールにてお送りします。

Can I help more? Yes, help us spread the news:

Help us reach the aikido community with this event. This is how:

  • click ‘attend’ or ‘Interested’ in the Facebook event
  • share the event on your FB-feed, and to your dojo’s FB-page/group
  • Do you have non-FB aikido friends? send them the link to this info-page!


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