About JūShinKan Aikido Stavanger

Here is a recent 6-page article, originally published in Stavanger Aftenblad’s saturday magazine about JuShinKan and Aikido
(NB: in Norwegian and you have to be a subsciber to be able to access it).  

As a good introduction, there is an interview of the first Jūshinkan instructors, Andrea Raviglione and Bob Johnson, about Aikido in Stavanger, past and present. Thanks to Erlend Lillebø for sumbmitting the article to Aikido.no.

Stavanger JūShinKan Aikido’s organization:

Stavanger JūShinKan Aikido had its first practice on Tuesday 19. august, 2008, at the Stavanger MMA Center. JūShinKan moved to Personal Trener Service from january 2010, then to the Coloseum Building from April 2012, and finally to its present location at Hillevågssenteret in March 2014.

Stavanger JūShinKan Aikido was formally established and baptized on Friday 5. september, 2008, with Andrea Raviglione (2. dan Aikikai) as Head Instructor. After Andrea moved to China in April 2010, Bob Johnson took over as Head Instructor. Bob has more than 45 years’ budo experience from England and Norway and his broad experience includes a.o. 1. dan Aikikai, 3. dan Tomiki, 2. dan Jodo, 2. dan Iaido. The baton was passed to Jacqueline von Arb as new Head Instructor from March 2016, with Bob Johnson as Senior Instructor  and the other instructors joining in the instructors group.

We are an Aikikai dojo with a preference for the “Yamaguchi-dialect” of aikido, through the teachings of Yamaguchi Shihan’s students Seishiro Endo Shihan and Christian Tissier Shihan and their respective students Kaname Ariga (Endo), Roberto Martucci (Endo) and Marc Bachraty (Tissier), as well as a predilection for the so-called Swedish Aikido with Jan Nevelius Shihan and Jorma Lyly Sensei.

Stavanger JūShinKan Aikido is a member of the Norwegian Aikido Federation (NAF).

Additionnally, as of 20. February 2009, JūShinKan is formally member of  the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (Norges idrettsforbund – NIF), the Norwegian Martial Arts Federation (Norges kampsportforbund – NKF), the Rogaland Regional Confederation (Rogaland idrettskrets) and the Stavanger Sports Council (Idrettsrådet Stavanger).

All members with up to date membership dues are now insured through the NKF.

Stavanger JūShinKan Aikido’s statutes are based on NIF’s standard basis-lovnorm (latest version of 22.10.2015) 

Stavanger JūShinKan Aikido is registered as an organization in Brønnøysund (enhetsregisteretfrivillighetsregisteret & lotteriregisteret) with organization number: 993 938 971.

Stavanger JūShinKan Aikido is also eligible for support via Grasrotandelen.

At the last General Assembly (13. March 2018), the following were elected:

Board of Stavanger JuShinKan Aikido (pr 13. March 2018)
Pascal Löhr (Chair)
Bob Johnson (Vice-Chair: dojo maintenance / equipment)
Silje Nåstad Svennevig (Board Member – children representative)
Magdalena Pakoca (Board Member )
Aleksandrs Staprens (Board Member)
Stine Løvdahl (Deputy Board Member – youth representatvie)

Dojo-cho / administration:  (from 1.1.2018): Jacqueline von Arb

Instructors Group:  Jacqueline von Arb (Head Instructor), Bob Johnson (Senior Instructor), Trond Gjerding, Pascal Löhr (juniors), Pavel Prikryl (juniors) & Silje Nåstad Svennevig (MiniMaxiMix).
Seminars/Events: Dojo-cho + ad hoc committee pr seminar/event
Social/Events:  Stancho Batovski & Magdalena Pakoca
Membership / Web presence / Finances : Dojo-cho (JAK/BSI/BAK), David/Anna (QKD).
Equipment & Material: Bob Johnson.
Dojo Maintenance (cleaning & building): Bob Johnson, Stancho Batovski & Aleksandrs Staprens

Financial Group: Jacqueline von Arb (Lead & treasurer), Kristine Dievutyte (auditor 1) & Stig Nilsen (auditor 2)
Auditors: Kristine Dievutyte & Stig Nilsen
Election Committee for 2019 election:  Donatas Vilimas (Chair), Trond Gjerding & Marta Bien (members),  Laura Simonsen (Deputy member).
Club representation: Head Instructor Jacqueline von Arb


30 thoughts on “About JūShinKan Aikido Stavanger

  1. You’re very welcome, Helge, come by and try it out (monday, wednesday and fridays are the days for beginners).

    The art of Aikido takes consideration for experience (or lack thereof) and for limitations (it will give you more of the first and take away some of the latter).

    Just come in some confortable clothes (jogging pants and long sleeved T-shirt is fine).

    I sent you an information mail to your email. Welcome!

  2. Hi, I really wanted to try out Aikido for some years now, but since its expensive at kampsports instituttet and not to easy to reach from where I used to livedI never went. Now I live in Stavanger, and have more money, so I would really like to give it a go. Im 19 and wish for a Information email please 🙂

  3. Hello, I’ve just moved to Stavanger and am interested in beginning Aikido…could you please send me some information? I see from the posts above that monday, wednesday and friday are for beginners…are you halfway through a semester or is it possible to come along now?
    Thanks now,

  4. Juan,
    of course you can come already now, no need to wait next semester!!
    I have anyway sent you an email!

    Looking forward to meet you! 🙂


  5. HI everyone, my name is Silvio, italian working for statoilhydro and soon back to stavanger….I knwo Bob and Andrea very well, but i still wanted to leave a message. I’d like to gather info as i will definetly coming for lessons !!!!

  6. Dear Silvio, that is too cool! Welcome back to Stavanger! All the information you need is on this website (see “schedule” and “where we are” and “contact” in the right column). I’ll send you an email too! Jacqueline

  7. Hi,

    I’m a norwegian qurrently working and training Aikido in Houston, Texas. Next summer I will be back in Stavanger, searching for a new dojo. I was wondering if you could please tell me who’s your Shihan and what style of Aikido you are following.

    Thank you,

  8. Dear Jon,
    Our dojo is, as of yet, unaffiliated to any federation.
    Our main instructor, Andrea Raviglione, has sent you a mail listing the sources of inspiration in our club – we like to visit Endo, Tissier, Yasuno seminars abroad, we like to attend seminars with visiting senseis in Norway such as Frank Ostoff and Philippe Orban, and Swedish Senseis such as Jan Nevelius and Jorma Lyly. Have a look at our seminar list, it will give you an overall idea. Our other instructor has a background in Tomiki aikido, iaido, jodo and judo – a wide background which enriches our (aikikai) dojo and complements nicely with Andrea’s background.

    JuShinKan is the only dojo that offers Aikido in Stavanger. We organize ca 3 seminars pr semester (usually one Norwegian and two invited foreign senseis), and we also cooperate with the two other coast dojos for a yearly West Coast Aikido Festival.

    We like to keep an open mind and an open heart. You are most welcome when you are back in town! Keep in contact!


  9. Hello!

    I just recently moved to stavanger due to work and have been thinking about starting training Aikido. I am a beginner though, and have no prior experience with Aikido. Could you please send me an information mail? When I attend a beginner session?

    Kind regards,

  10. Hi Steffen! We got a good bunch of beginners, so do come to practice wearing sweatpants and a longsleeved T-shirt! Come a bit early and let’s have a chat.
    Monday and Wednesday are the best days for your first time, although beginners also have access to Thursday (for all) and Friday (weapons). Check the schedule for times (in the menu on the right).
    You can find most information on this site, but if you still wonder about a few things, feel free to drop me a line or call me (see contact in the menu to your right).
    Welcome to Stavanger and to JuShinKan Aikido! Jacqueline

  11. Hei André! Som jeg sa til Steffen, så anbefaler jeg deg å komme å se på og/eller prøve – bare ta med treningsbukse og langermet T-skjorte. Mandag og Onsdag er de beste dagene å begynne på for nybegynnere, men det er anledning å komme på torsdag (for alle) og fredag (våpen). Se timeplanen (“schedule” i menyen i den høyre kolonnen).
    Det meste av informasjon finner du her på nettsiden vår, men hvis du lurer på noe mer, skriv til meg eller ring (se under “contact” i meny’en). Velkommen til Stavanger og JuShinKan Aikido! Jacqueline

  12. Hei
    Har lyst å prøve Aikido. Må jeg vente til etter sommeren, slik som de fleste andre plasser enn trener?
    Holder det å gå på ett parti i uken?

    Louise 🙂

  13. Hei Louise,
    Vi tar opp nybegynnere fortløpende – vi har faktisk flere som nettopp har begynt, så du blir ikke alene. Sjekk “schedule” og “where we are” og bare møt opp (gjerne 10-15 mn før så vi får pratet litt med deg), ta på treningsbukse og T-skjorte (gjerne langermet, hvis du har).
    Velkommen til oss!

  14. Hey There,
    Simply put I’m a 19 year old university student currently living in the Stavanger area. I’ve been giving some thought to taking up Aikido. I have a lower back injury which causes buckling under intense strain or with a sudden impact and I was hoping that I could train despite this as it has stopped me from joining other combat forms. Hoping to start in August, hope to hear from you and thank you ahead of time.


  15. Hi Richard! Aikido is a martial art where we take care of each other, and ourselves of course! Meaning we take into consideration experience and limitations, giving you more of the first and taking away some of the latter. We’d all have to work together and see how we can adapt your training to your particular situation. Please come and try out a few times for free (then I’m sure you’ve seen that we have a special rate for students!). I’ll send you a PM also. Welcome to JuShinKan!

  16. Hei,

    Er det mulighet for noen gratis prøvetimer før jeg eventuelt bestemmer meg for å joine Aikidoen ?

  17. Ja, det er alltid mulig å prøve et par ganger før du joiner. Mandag og onsdag (18.30-20) er de beste dagene. Velkommen innom neste uke!

  18. Hi!
    I live in Stavanger, I’m 19 and would love to start Aikido. I have no experience though, and needs loads of stretching! Is there hope? do we improve quickly or it takes too long? I’ll leave Stavanger in July to go study in Trondheim. Do you have a kubb there? I’m waiting for your reply.
    Thank you!

  19. Dear Assia, in aikido, as in many things in life, you get out what you put in! meaning the more you train, the more you get back. It’s not always about the getting there, but very much about the being on the way. You are welcome to come and try aikido for 6 months, we’ll do our best to give you a head start and then we’ll make sure to connect you with the two clubs in Trondheim when it’s time for you to go there! Welcome!

  20. Hi Sven, absolutely, do come down and try a session. Mondays and Wednesdays are very good days for beginners.
    Do wear sweat pants and a longsleeved t-shirt. Welcome!

  21. Hi Eivind! Yes, you are very welcome to come and try on a mon/wed or even thursday!
    Wear jogging pants and a long-sleeved T-shirt, and we train barefoot!
    Come at least 15 mn before start, så we can have a little chat! Welcome!

  22. hei… Er mandag og onsdag stadig begynner dage, og kan man bare komme, og tidspunkt…? Hilsen Vivi

  23. Hey, I’ve been looking into aikido and thought it was interesting.. What is the minimum age for begginners? Do you have to be 18?

  24. Hi Elias,
    You have to be 14 to join the adult classes. We have a great gang of 14-18 year olds who come regularily on mondays and wednesdays – do come and try! (we also have junior classes for 9-13, and mini-maxi classes for 5-8 year olds with a parent).
    Welcome – and call me if you have questions! (snakker norsk! 98250628)

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