Jacqueline von Arb  Fukushidoin – Head Instructor
2. dan Aikikai, 3. kyu Tomiki, Instructor Level 1/1&2 (NKF)

Monday: train the trainers programme
Tuesday/Thursday: advanced class (basics)
Wednesday: Basics – focus on beginners
Aikido for the blind & mobility impaired (on demand)
Technical lead for Haugesund Aikidoklubb & Kristiansand Aikidoklubb

Bob Johnson – Senior Instructor
Bob has more than 50 years’ budo experience
from England and Norway.
In his broad experience he has achieved 3. dan Tomiki
as well as 1. dan Aikikai,  2. dan Jodo and 2. dan Iaido.

Weapons classes (fri)
Tuesday/Thursday advanced classes (applications)
Iaido  (take contact if interested)

Assistant instructors:


Pavel Prikryl  – Assistant instructor
1. dan (NAF)

Monday basics (in the train the trainer programme)
Juniors (tue)
2017-TrondTrond Gjerding – Assistant instructor
1. dan (Aikikai)

Stand in on demand

Stig-2016Stig Nilsen  – Assistant instructor
1. dan (Aikikai)

Stand in on demand

Pascal-2016Pascal Löhr  – Assistant instructor
1. kyu (NAF)

Juniors (thu)

Silje Portrett.2Silje Naastad Svennevig – 2. kyu (NAF)
Mini-Maxi-Mix (wed)


Associated instructors:.


  Aleksandar Petrovic
Head Instructor, Kristiansund MizuKan 

2. dan (Aikikai)

Aleksandar was the Chief Instructor at the “Ten Shin” Aikido Club in Pirot, Serbia, before he moved to Kristiansund.
He taught at JuShinKan for one year while here for work (until June 2014). He has now started his own dojo in Kristiansund, with the help from JuShinKan – opened sept. 3, 2014, called Kristiansund MizuKan Aikido. MizuKan on Facebook.


2 thoughts on “Instructors

  1. Sir (sensei) Bob Johnson. (respect)
    I`m a almost a 43 year old guy.
    I got the the green belt in Karate style Shotokan in the 80’s
    Too violent for me now.
    Am I too old for Aikido?

  2. Dear Jan, I started aikido when I was 43 (without any martial arts background), so the answer is: it’s the right time! Come on by and try it out a couple of times (for free) – see if you like it! Give me a call if you want more info (see under “contact”). Cheers, Jacqueline

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