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  1. Registration (non-committal) is required, even if you are just trying out a free class or two. This has to do with insurance and because we want to be in touch with you!
    How to register: 
    click on the “become member” icon above. Fill in the information and click “lagre” (=save). You will not be charged for anything at this point.
  2. A membership contract / automatic payment agreement (avtalegiro) will be sent to your email within a day or two (check your spam filter). Print, fill out, sign and bring it to practice to activate your membership. Please choose whether you commit for 6 months or for one year (50/month cheaper).
    Members under 18 have to fill out information on the parent (=foresatt).
    It is possible to enter a different email, if another person/parent pays for the membership (use the field “fakturaepost”).
    For the MiniMaxiMix (parent/child) group, both the child AND the parent need to register (the form is to be filled out twice), the parent will only be charged for the yearly insurance fee, not for practice.
  3. Your personal member page. Once the membership is activated, you will receive an email with a username and a password. Please log in immediately to check and/or edit the information in your account and change the password. 
    You can access your page by clicking on the red “login members” icon above.
    This is where you find an overview over your invoices, update your contact information, register your gradings and find info about your insurance.
  4. Invoicing will happen automatically on the 1st of every month, with a due date on the 15th. All invoices incur a 5 kr administration fee. Please use the KID number.
    NB 1: the first couple of invoices will come by email – and those will have to be paid manually in the nettbank. Once the “autogiroavtale” is active, the dues will be deducted from your bank account automatically (you will not get an invoice by email anymore but you may see the invoice history on your member page).
    NB 2: Your first invoice will include the yearly insurance fee (kr 220 / 140 for children).
  5. Price Structure (see below for the current rates) is made of 2 parts
    a. one yearly membership fee, and includes the mandatory martial arts insurance, membership in the Norwegian Martial Arts Federation (Kampsportforbundet) and the Norwegian Aikido Federation, and gives you right to grade.  This fee is applied to the April invoice, or to the first invoice after your join.
    b. monthly practice fees gives you the right to practice as much or as little as you wish.
    NB: seminars and grading fees are not included in the membership.
  6. Pause: You can pause your membership if you are injured, sick or out of town for at least one month. This makes you a “passive member”. Being “passive” still incurs the yearly membership fee, as you are still a member – but no training fee.
  7. Termination: Membership continues automatically even after the contracted period runs out. It is possible to terminate a membership after the contracted period with 2 months written advance notice, e.g. you will be invoiced for the month in which you hand in a written resignation plus one month.Any trouble, or questions? contact the Secretary.
Prices pr. April 2018
train as much as you want
(1 year contract / 6-month contract)
Price as decided by the members the General Assembly 2018:
1. Monthly practice fee: 
430 / 480,-   Adults (20+)
(second adult in same household 50% off)
270 / 320,-   Students, Youth (14-19), unwaged
230 / 280,-   Juniors (9-13) & Children (5-8)
(25% rebate for children of members, and/or siblings)
0 / 0,-    Parents in the MiniMaxiMix
2. One yearly club/insurance fee:
+ 220,-  for adults (including the minimaxi adults)
+140,- for children 13 and under.
See also “small print” below.
Visitors from other dojo
Zero, nada, nothing. We are tickled pink that travelling aikidokas come by and train with us for a couple of sessions and hope we are welcome at your dojo some other time. We don’t mind a small donation, though…
Beginner / New member One or two complimentary sessions!
The small print: -An avtalegiro-contract with automatic payments will have to be signed
-no termination during contract period
-training fee will be invoiced every month, inclusive of a kr 5 adm.fee pr month.
-rebated prices may not be combined
-NKF membership is mandatory, non-refundable, valid for the year it is paid in and includes insurance.
-no refunds
-seminar participation, grading fees and equipment come in addition
-NAF membership is included in the training fee (includes little black book), and gives grading right

Juniors may practice in junior classes only See schedule. In the year a junior turns 14, a junior may start to attend adult classes in parallel with junior practice (with Head Instructor’s ok).

Members of Stavanger JūShinKan Aikido are now insured through the NKF membership and are members of NAF (Norwegian Aikido Federation), with whom our gradings are registered.

Police certification of instructors: Stavanger JūShinKan Aikido complies with NIF in requiring police certification of persons instructing or having a role of responsibility with the club’s minors (under 18). The board has appointed 2 contact persons (see contact page).

Stavanger JuShinKan Aikido is affiliated to Norges idrettsforbund (NIF, Norwegian Sports Federation), Norges kampsportforbund (NKF, Norwegian Martial Arts Federation), Rogaland idrettskrets (Rogaland District Sports), as well as registered with Idrettsrådet Stavanger. (Sports Council of Stavanger).The club is run non-profit by volunteers (including the instructors) – possible profit is plowed back into club activities that benefit the members.


Bank account number: 9680.36.20544
JūShinKan Aikido att. J. von Arb
Ormøyveien 111  (postal adress, not club location)
4085 Hundvåg
Organization number: 993 938 971



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