Seminars 2020

This list encompasses the seminars that JuShinKan finds interesting to attend, as well as this year’s club trips!

You might meet some of us at many of these!

All seminars/events in Norway can be found here.

Seminars in green are either home seminars, or part of the “JuShinKan Goes To” (JGT) series of especially recommended club trips that are subsedized for club members (*). 

3-5 jan’20 Bjørn Erik Olsen – 7. dan- New Year Seminar Tenshinkan, Oslo
@NJJK, Haugerud
600 NOK / dojo  info / FB
11 jan’20 Store Idrettsdagen (demo) JuShinKan
@ Stavanger Idrettshall 
13-16 jan’20 Open Dojo – all week – bring a buddy @ JuShinKan dojo FB 
17-19 jan ’20 Marc Bachraty, 6. dan (club trip to Oslo) Oslo Aikidoklubb (arr. JuShinKan) 700*/600/500 NOK  info/ FB /JGT
1-3 feb (yud) + 8-10 feb (w/3) Seishiro Endo Shihan – 8. dan Vanadis, Stockholm (yud) & Sigtuna (w/e) (just outside Stockholm) info
14-16 feb’20 Gaute Lambertsen Shidoin (5. dan) Bergen Aikidoklubb ? NOK / FB
21-24 feb’20 National Youth Aikido Seminar Trondheim Aikido 400 / info / FB
27.2-1.3 NAF Winter Camp Tromsø Aikido 500 / info / FB
6-8 mar’20 Marc Bachraty – 6. dan Fyris Aikido, Uppsala (Sweden) 600? SEK / FB 
13-15 mar’20 Jorma Lyly (6. dan) Sunyata, Heggedal 700? NOK / info / FB / dojo
17-19 apr’20 Vestlandet Aikido Festival XII – with instructors from the West Coast clubs & NAF tek.kom. (inkl. grading up to 1. kyu) Bergen Aikidoklubb 750? kr / info / FB 
apr/may Junior Aikido Festival (training, mon-grading, aiki-movie  & pizza, overnight in dojo/ hall) Junior club trip to Haugesund FREE for members but ca kr 300 for transport/food (+50 for grading )
8-10  may’20 Roberto Martucci, 6. dan JuShinKan, Stavanger 700/600/500 NOK info / FB
22-24 may’20 Jorma Lyly – 6. dan Tekisuikan, Trondheim 600? / 500 NOK/ FB
12-13 jun ’20 Kaname Ariga, 6. dan Vantaa, outside  Helsinki 60? EUR /info / FB
wed-thu17-18 jun ’20 home event Kaname Ariga, 6. dan at JuShinKan, Stavanger   150 NOK / class dojo
19-21 jun ’20 Kaname Ariga, 6. dan (club trip to Oslo) arr: JuShinKan, Stavanger  place: Sentrum Aikido in Oslo 700*/600 NOK
poster / FB/info/reg / JGT
late aug ’20
home event
Marc Bachraty, 6. dan thu: JuShinKan dojo, Stavanger
Fri-sun: TBA
700/600/500 NOK
poster / FB
6? sep’20 Miljøsøndag (demo) JuShinKan
@ Torget i Stavanger 
7-10? sep’20 Open Dojo – all week – bring a buddy @ JuShinKan dojo  FB 
11-13 sep TBC Takenori Kuribayashi Shihan – 7. dan, Hombu dojo (club trip to Oslo) Oslo Aikido, Oslo-klubbene, NAF & Kampsportforbundet 750* NOK /  info & reg. / FB / JGT 
28.9-4.10 ’20 IAF Summit Tokyo info
9-11 okt ’20 Kaname Ariga, 6. dan Köln, DE 600? NOK / info / FB
16-18? okt ’20 Kaname Ariga, 6. dan Bratislava, SL 45? EUR / FB
4-9.july NAF Summer Camp HAFOS, Brandbu info / FB / JGT 

(if there are 2 prices, the second is the rebated price for out-of-town aikidokas, if there are 3 prices, the third is for visitors from abroad) *training fee (or travel for West Coast events) is covered by the club, for members of JuShinKan.

NB: there might be special prices for juniors and prices pr session, sometimes lunch is included in the price, many places let people sleep in the dojo or provide private accomodation – do check the seminar website.

Good source of information on seminars elsewhere:

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