Location / Accomodation

We moved to a new location on March 1, 2014!

(for How to get here and Accomodation info, scroll down)

Bigger, better and it’s all ours, with great neighbours such as Elixia and Idrettsklinikken!
map: Hillevågsveien 31-33    GPS: 58.949510, 5.742019
Entrance by foot from Hillevågsveien (look for the stairway in the building between Elixia and Esso)

Parking behind the building, access via the Esso Station – 1 hour free (subsequent time will be charged kr 10 pr started hour, cheapest to pay through the EasyPark app, info in the dojo). From there you can come in through the back entrance.
PS: if you need all day or overnight parking as seminar guest – talk to Jacqueline.

How to get here:

From Stavanger (buss), many busses going direction Sandnes (nr 2, 3, 75), get off at “Hillevågstunnelen” , then walk 100 meters in the same direction as the bus, past Elixia and find the stairs in the side of the building.

From Sandnes (buss), any bus direction Stavanger, get off at “Hillevåg”. Cross the street via the underpass, cross through the Esso station, and use either the back entrance (via Esso station) or the front entrance (stairs on Hillevågsveien).

By train: take the fast train to Sandnes. Change to local train destination Stavanger, get off at “Paradis”, you’ll have to walk southwards on Hillevågsveien about 10 mn (or take bus 2, 3, 75 southwards 2 stops (bus included in the price if the regional ticket is bought on the Kolumbus app).

From the airport: Take the airport shuttle “Flybussen” to Stavanger, the one that goes “via Motorveien” (at 05 and 35 past the hour). Get off at the stop “Sykehuset ved tunnel”  (about 15-20  mn ride). Kr 117 one-way, kr 180 return ticket (rebate for students available 90/180). Check schedule / buy ticket online here (choose stop “Strømsbrua” then “from airport”). Get off at “Strømsbrua” and walk back on that road (Hillevågsveien) past 2 roundabouts until you see Elixia, and find the stairs on the side of the building.

(NB: if you’re going to the St.Svithun hotel/hostel, get off at the SUS Hospital stop, here is the map from the Hospital to the dojo).

Accomodation in Stavanger  (prices will vary, these are for 25.5 to 27.5 2018, single/double, checked on 28.01.2018)

Cheapest: Stay at the dojo together with others!  There is mingling room, kitchenette (microwave, water cooker, coffee maker, cooker, oven, fridge, dishwasher, dish/silverware), one shower.

Closest accomodation (single price/double/tripple room price/room/night):
– St Svithun is both a Hotel (from 761/802) and a Hostel (395 in dorm/560 single/660 doubleroom/760 3-bed etc)  (right next to the airport shuttle stop, 7-8 mn walk to dojo)
– Park Inn (from kr 796/876)  (15-20 mn walk, or see buss transportation above)
– Bed, Books & Breakfast (apartment in a private house, 2 persons with possibility to put in a 3rd bed in living room: 900/1000, with breakfast – no website, map to dojo, call +47 51 52 50 50)

Downtown (15-20 mn walk – or take bus, see above)
Best Western Havly Hotel (kr 756/926)
Stavanger Bed’n’Breakfast (from 590/730/880)

——- archived previous locations——–

  • Location 10. april 2012  until 28 February 2014

map: Lagårdsveien 91, first floor of the Colisseum building
(entrance through carport next to Lille Asia food market – see green arrow on the picture)

Plenty of parking on marked spots around the building, including the carport by the entrance and the back side. Parking on the street will be at your own peril (zone-parking!)

  • Location 1. january 2010  until 31 march 2012 

Olav V’s gate, between the Bus/Train terminals and the entrance of the Radisson Blu (Atlantic) Hotel.

Same entrance as ‘Personlig Trener Service’ (PTS) to the left of the Narvesen kiosk in the Radisson Atlantic Hotel building (here’s a map).

Parking: on the street behind Atlantic Hotel (point B on the map). Parking is free after 17.00. (PS – there are short cuts from that street down to PTS… you’ll find them eventually…).

  • Location september 2008 until 31. 12. 2009

We used to be at the Stavanger MMA Centre – The big red building (now half is painted white) that used to be the old rubber factory under the town bridge, right by the Kjelvene skating park, you can see it across the park from the Statoil Station. Look for the MMA-centre’s door (in the white part of the building), then walk up one floor.

Street adress: Harald Hårfagresgate 15, 4014 Stavanger

Map: http://tinyurl.com/JushinkanAikidoDojo

Parking: on the front and on the side of the building, after 17.00 it’s ok. Double-check the parking signs (the back of the building is zoned and there are some private or company parking places here and there): If you can’t find a slot, it’s also possible to park by Europris/ICA.
NB: Do NOT park too close to the corner or with the  wheels on the sidewalk – sooner or later, you will get fined!



2 thoughts on “Location / Accomodation

  1. Hej
    Jeg rejser en del til Norge for at deltage i kurser m.m. i stedet for at ligge på et hotel værrelse, ville jeg helere bruge tiden på Aikido, er der mulighed for dette ?
    Har trænet KI-Aikido ca. et år.
    Kan man betale for “gæstevisit”

  2. Selvfølgelig! Jeg gjør likedan når jeg er ute og reiser!
    Gjesterende aikidoka fra andre dojo’er er kjempevelkommen hos oss og får trene et par ganger gratis pr semester. (Utover det er Klubbkassen vår kjempetakknemlig for et lite bidrag på kr 50 pr gang). Jeg sender deg en mail.

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