*** Adult grading ***  (see requirements for children below)

Adults grade from 6th kyu up to 1st kyu, keep their white belt throughout. A hakama (black or blue pant-skirt) is earned at a successful 3rd kyu.
After 1st kyu, it’s time for a dan grade – which comes with a black belt.

For the kyu grading, prepare in advance: 
– permission to grade from your Head Instructor
(at least one month ahead to allow time for a test grading)
– your NAF aikido passport 
– your grading fee
– the kyu-grading application (fill out page 1 and 2, have it signed by the Head Instructor)

Price: kr 200 for 6-4 kyu, and kr 250 for 3-1 kyu.  For dan grades, see

Here is the kyu- and dan-curriculum (downloadable pdf).

Note: there is more than just technique that the grading committee is looking for, kokyu-rokyu, ma-ai, shisei and spirit are also elements of preparation.
See the explanation of these terms on this kyu-grading application (page 3, in norwegian)

*** Video Help for techniques***

The Norwegian Aikido Federation produced small videos to help with the basic techniques. They can be found the NAF website

Here is a compilation of technique videos  from an wide selection of different senseis, which is very useful in comparative studies, developing variations. It includes most of the NAF videos in the link above (under the acronym BEO) and much more.
Much credit and gratitude to Klaus Messlinger from Oberursel for sharing years of work with us.

*** Children/Junior grading ***

Kids grade can from 13th mon up to 1st mon, they get colored belts, or a stripe on their belt. Here is the mon-curriculum (dowloadable pdf).
From age 13, one can start training with adults, and if suitable, start grading for adult grades (at the discretion of the Head Instructor).

Price: 50 kroner