*** Adult grading ***  (see requirements for children below)

Adults grade from 6th kyu up to 1st kyu, keep their white belt throughout. A hakama (black or blue pant-skirt) is earned at a successful 3rd kyu.
After 1st kyu, it’s time for a dan grade – which comes with a black belt.

For the kyu grading, prepare in advance: 
– permission to grade from your Head Instructor (at least one month ahead)
– your NAF aikido passport 
– your grading fee
– the kyu-grading application (fill out page 1 and 2, have it signed by the Head Instructor)

Price: kr 200 for 6-4 kyu, and kr 250 for 3-1 kyu.  For dan grades, see

Here is the kyu- and dan-curriculum (downloadable pdf).

Note: there is more than just technique that the grading committee is looking for, kokyu-rokyu, ma-ai, shisei and spirit are also elements of preparation.
See the explanation of these terms on this kyu-grading application (page 3, in norwegian)

*** Video Help for techniques***

The Norwegian Aikido Federation produced small videos to help with the basic techniques. They can be found the NAF website

*** Children/Junior grading ***

Kids grade can from 13th mon up to 1st mon, they get colored belts, or a stripe on their belt. Here is the mon-curriculum (dowloadable pdf).
From age 13, one can start training with adults, and if suitable, start grading for adult grades (at the discretion of the Head Instructor).

Price: 50 kroner