Schedule – online & in dojo

We are now going back to a regular schedule, though with ekstra protocols for safety and health to keep us and others safe – see list of rules below*. The prerequisite for attending classes is to know and adhere to these rules (otherwise we have to close again…).

Note: some classes are in-dojo, others online only. See below the schedule for more info about *rules for in dojo practice, and ***tips for attending online classes and get the password!

AUTUMN schedule From 1. August (download schedule in pdf)
New: Iaido on tuesdays and workshops and Saturdays!

Other info:

Weapons self study is possible, check out these videos with Saito Sensei: 20 jo suburi, 6 jo kata, 13 jo kata, 31 jo kata, 7 bokken suburi

* Rules for in-dojo classes: 
Please help us keep the dojo open, if we cannot keep these rules, we have to close again… This is part of the national “dugnad” & to keep each other safe!
See complete rules from the Martial Arts Federation (version 1.6, updated 24.6. in Norwegian). Summary in English:

– If you have ANY symptoms, have or have been exposed to the corona virus, please stay home and take care of yourself and us.
– Physical contact is not allowed at all – but we can hold common equipment
– Keep 1 meters distance before, during and after class.
Especially important to take care in the social area, and passing each other in the corridor. Kids/Youth under 19 are allowed regular practice with contact but with a limited number of partners.
Wash hands before AND after class (see poster)
Changing room are now allowed, but still 1 meter rule there too
– It is recommended to use alternative to Public transportation to/fro classes
– We can now touch common equipment. Everything that was used has to be disinfected after practice.
– Refrain from touching your face
– If you must sneeze, do so inside your keikogi, then sanitize hands
– Touch as few surfaces as you can, if you do, remember which as they will have to be washed/sanitized after class.
– Help clean/sanitize the dojo after EVERY class, also toilets, changing rooms & common rooms, all surfaces, door handles, light switches, etc.
*** Online Zoom class (tips): 
Thu 13.00-14.00 – Online only with Makiko Tachibana Sensei
(6. dan) from Japan :
-don’t forget to get the password ahead of the class: To receive the password: contact Jacqueline by FB-msg (Jacqueline Aikimama) or SMS/Whatsapp (+47 98250628)
-Join from any device, but best results from big devices (laptop, PC, share screen to TV)
-No need to download the Zoom app, but a small program will download automatically to make it work, then click “join meeting”.
-You don’t have to have your camera and/or your mike on but it’s nice to see everybody practicing together and catch up!
-Wear your keikogi if you want, make some space (ca 4 m2 or more), find a thin mattress, a yoga mat or sleeping pad (or borrow mats from the dojo).
-Class may be recorded for study and improvements (only instructor in the main window).

—————- Archive————-

SUMMER SCHEDULE 2020 (all of July)

– Mon 19.00-20.00 – Fundamentals for all– In Dojo only
– Thu 13.00-14.00 – Online only: 
with Makiko Tachibana Sensei (6. dan) in Japan
– Thu 19.00-20.00 – Fundamentals for all – In Dojo
Weekends: ad hoc “on the wall online classes” and/or workshops
(announced in FB:Jushinkan Extra group – and Whatsapp)

Winter schedule starts Wednesday 1. January 2020!

New in 2020: Aikido for seniors: movement & safe falling. Daytime classes, start mid-February. Contact Jac if interested

Important dates this semester (mark your calendar):
17-19 Apr: JuShinKan Goes To: Bergen for West Coast Aikido Festival
8-10 May: Roberto Martucci (6.) in Stavanger / FB event
19-21 June: JuShinKan Goes To: Oslo for Kaname Ariga (6.)
4-9 July: JuShinKan Goes To: Brandbu for the NAF summer camp
20-23 Aug: Fjords’n’Aikido with Marc Bachraty (6.)
For downloadable & printable pdf-schedule, click  2020-Winter-schedule

On Public and school holidays: practice may or may not be cancelled… check the website or Facebook often (you can check Facebook even if you’re not on Facebook)!

Info Aikido – call Jac 98250628  or Bob 95708408
Info for sight or movement impaired, stroke patients  – call Jac 98250628
Info Qwan Ki Do – call David 41843544 or Anna 94284761

*   *   *

Other opportunities:  ability-aikido

  • Aikido for the Blind / Sight impaired  (see info in this article)

We have experience with several sight impaired students, and we take in beginners any time. To begin with, we work one-on-on to get comfortable with the dojo (training hall), with falling (on soft mats!),  contact work (a bit like “ledsagerteknikken”, but facing each other and with more motion) and learn the basics of aikido. Once your confidence level rises, you will start training together with others in the regular classes.

  • workshops to develop aikido for movement-impaired
    • by appointment to begin with
    • the aim is to join regular classes
  • workshops to connect physical therapy (mobility training) and aikido practice as mobility training
    • by appointment only for now
  • Falling classes (by appointment)


Easter 2019

It’s the Easter Holidays in the schools, so juniors and minis are off, but JuShinKan adults will be training every day!!!

Thu 18.4: 18.45-20.15 class for all
Fri 19.4: 18.00-19.30 class for all
Sat 20.4: 13.00-14.30 workshop
Sun 21.4: 13.00-14.30 workshop
Mon 22.4: 18.45-20.15 class – focus on basics

Back to normal schedule from Tue 23.4 (but no junior class)
Kids classes resume on Wednesday 24.4.

Summer 2018: 

Juniors (9-13):

 – tuesdays 17.30-18.30  (except 10. & 17.7)

 Youth (14+) and Adults: 

-26 June until 8 July: normal every day schedule

– from 9 July until 12. August: Tuesdays & Thursdays – with instructor.

– NB: 16-17 July (mon/tue with HAK, 2 sessions daily! see FB-event)

(If you want to train more: set up a workshop*, as in the weekends – without instructor, highest graded leads the session)

Other important dates (mark your calendar):

13-15 august (mon-wed): Yamashima Sensei is in Stavanger. Another Japanese 4. Dan living in Canada will be visiting that whole week.

23-26 august: Marc Bachraty seminar in Stavanger. This year will be at Tastaruståhallen, because of the ONS. This means moving the mats! Please be available thu eve, and fri. Bob will coordinate.

7-9 sept: Kuribayashi seminar in Oslo, support for the seminar fee is provided.

Qwan Ki Do starts again when the school starts in August

Easter 2018:


No practice Easter Week!

First practice after Easter:  Wednesday 4. April


No practice Easter Week!

First practice after Easter: Thursday 5. April

Adults (Check Facebook page for latest updates!!!)

Monday-Friday 26-30. April:  Regular practice

Sat-Sun-Mon  31.3, 1.4 & 2.4: Workshops  at 12.45  (double-check on Facebook!!!)

From Tuesday 3.4:  Back to normal practice!

2018 Spring Season!

Tips for beginners: we recommend the monday/wednesday basics classes, where we focus on beginners. Thursdays are open for all, but more high paced, looking at principles and applications, not basics.

Friday weapons class are also open for all, if you’re interested to explore wooden sword and staff. If you’d like more practice: weekend workshops are great to work on  what YOU need to, also open for all, and tailored to those coming (prepare a theme/technique you’d like to work on and we will!).


2017 Summer!

Aikido at Stavanger JuShinKan all summer long!

The schedule from 26.6 until 11.8 will be, with instructors:

Mondays & Thursdays: 18.30-20

Wednesdays: 13-14.30

Aikidoka-visitors welcome!!!

Extra practice are likely to happen on other days,

these will be announced on our Facebook page! Check it often!

(NB: you can check Facebook even if you’re not on Facebook)!


2016 Christmas Holiday Practice at JuShinKan:     check  Facebook for latest update!

Fri/Sat 23-24.12: Be merry, eat well, sleep lots, watch aikido-videos!

Sun 25.12:  19.30-21 with Jac & Donatas

Mon 26.12: 16.30-18 with Jac (call or SMS 98250628 to confirm that you are coming)

Tue 27.12: 12-noon: practice with Bob, Trond, Pascal, and more

Thu 28.12 – with Bob & Trond

Let Bob know if you’re in town and keen for a practice – then we announce details at the latest day before on Facebook (NB: you can read the main page on our Facebook page even if you’re not on Facebook!

SUMMER SCHEDULE 2016 – from 4 july  until 14 august

Monday  – Wednesday – Friday   18.30-20

(for adults mainly but juniors (10-13 yr-old) are welcome)

NB: Mid-week seminar with Yamashima Sensei (8th dan)  mon-tue-wed 8-10 august!

at the dojo: mornings 10-11.30 & afternoons 18.30-20  (NB: extra cost!)


SUMMER SCHEDULE 2015– from Monday 29 June until Sunday 16 August

For more info – email Jacqueline  –  for schedule until 28 june, see tables below.

JuShinKan Stavanger and Sunyata Sandnes Aikidoklubb are cooperating to offer as much training as possible during the summer holidays for all of our members and aikido-guests that may be travelling through the region!  Members can train at each other’s dojo for free and aiki-travellers are super-welcome!!

Tuesday:  18.30-20.00    JuShinKan Stavanger* – juniors & guests welcome

Wednesday:  20.00-21.30    Sunyata Sandnes**

.                                            (Call instructor Patrick if interested: 95271653)

Thursday:  18.30-20.00    JuShinKan Stavanger* – juniors & guests welcome

Saturday/Sunday:  ad hoc practice in Stavanger – check our Facebook page.

NB: the schedules may sometimes be adjusted a bit, please double-check for latest news on the Facebook pages: !!! Info and contact here:

*  Stavanger JuShinKan:  how to get there / Facebook / Website / email

**  Sandnes Sunyata: how to get there / Facebook / Website / email

Both JuShinKan  and Sunyata are back to full training schedule from school start 17 August.

*    *    *

HOLIDAY SCHEDULE – from Monday 22. December 2014 – 5. January 2015

Last regular classes in 2014 / First class in 2015:

– Mini-Maxi-Mix (4-9 years):   wed 10 des.  / wed. 7 jan.

– Juniors (10-14 years old): thu 11 dec. / thu. 8 jan.

– Adults: mon 22 dec. / mon 5. jan.

21 thoughts on “Schedule – online & in dojo

  1. Now that our instructors are back from Japan, it’s back to the regular schedule (which is just below the temporary one). As of coming monday (20. oct.), training for beginners is monday, wednesday and friday from 20-21.30.

    (Although, we might keep the early training on fridays, but in that case I’ll let you know, and it will be on the web page).

    We are in the process of editing a “contact” page to be posted here, in the mean time, I’ll write you an email, so you’ll have our email, ciao!

    (update on 3.1.09: there is now a contact page in the right column menu)
    (update on 15.06.09: check the schedule page for updated practice hours!)

  2. Hei!
    Var på treningsenteret idag, og sto og boksa på boksesekken når ein kar i frå iran kom bort og viste nokon enkle tekniker,(han blei sikkert så provisert siden eg bare slo på den). Men eg blei ganske inspirert og syns det så ut som ein bra sport, me han gjekk på taikwando eller noko sånt, men han anbefalte også aikido.

    Så eg lurer på om eg kunne ha komt en gang å ivertfall prøvd? =)
    (Er 16 år i november.)

  3. Hei, Tore, det er bare å komme innom en mandag, onsdag (trening kl 20-21.30) eller fredag (18-20 19-20.30). Kom litt tidligere så vi får snakket med deg litt før bi begynner. Ha på ledige klær, som f.ex joggebukse og langermet t-skjorte. Det er flere ungdom som nylig har begynt, så du blir ikke alene!
    Velkommen til oss!

    (edited 15.6.09: see correct practice hours on the schedule page)

  4. Hei.Aikido ser ganske spennende ut, så når starter neste sesong? Er 16 år og har trent karate (Chito-Ryu) i ca 3 år. Min sensei sa at det var mange teknikker som er like, men mer kasting på Aikido, stemmer dette?

    Hilsen Ruben

  5. Hei Ruben, vi velkommer nybegynnere fortloepende, trenger ikke aa vente til hoesten. Det er naa sommertid saa det er bare 3 treninger i uken frem til august en gang.
    Det er korrekt at det finnes en del felles teknikker og at det er mye mer kasting (og laaseteknikker).
    Kom innom og snakk med instruktoerene, se paa eller proev selv! (se paa timeplanen paa nettsiden for mest oppdatert timeplan)
    Hilsen, JuShinKan Aikido

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  7. Hei! Jeg blir snart 18år, men jeg har veldig lyst å prøve ut Akido. en jeg kjenner går på akido borte i oslo… er det for sent å begynne? I så fal, når kan jeg komme? å vil det koste noe?
    klem Charlotte.

  8. Hei Charlotte, vi tar opp nybegynnere fortgående, det er flere som har nettopp begynt så du blir ikke alene der! Prisen for ungdom tom 19 år er kr 250 / mnd (se Membership and Price til høyre) og da kan du trene så mye du bare vil! Kom innom og prøv et par ganger gratis (se Schedule i menyen til høyre). Velkommen!

  9. Hei igjen 🙂 vil takke for en kjempe kjekk time i dag… men har noen flere sprsmål som jeg glemte å spørre.
    1. Hvor kan jeg få kjøpt en slik drakt eller er det noe som jeg bør vente med?
    2. Hvor mange timer kan jeg ta gratis?
    3. Hvordan blir jeg medlem? Må jeg registrere meg på nett eller kan jeg ta det en time?
    klem Charlotte 🙂

    ps. kommer igjen neste uke! var UTROOOOLIG kjekt!!

  10. Kjekt å høre! Medlem blir du ved å klikke på “membership and price” i menyen i høyre kolonne, les siden så klikker du på “become member” ikonet. Gi (uniform) kan du kjøpe av oss med en gang. Jeg sender deg en velkomstmail med mer informasjon! Velkommen til JuShinKan!

  11. Hei! Min datter og en venninne lurer på å begynne på AIKIDO. Jeg lurer på om det har stratet opp Junir klasse på onsdager? De er 14 år begge to.

  12. Hey, I dropped by to see if I could join a session today Thursday around 21 but nobody was there. I suppose you are all on seminar in Bergen ? When is a good time for me to try practicing with you ? I have practiced one year at Katsugen Kai (Tsuda School) in Amsterdam and am eager to pursue experience in aikido. Please let me know, thanks !

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  14. Hei ! Så reklame for dere i et hefte på SUS og ble litt fasinert, vet ikke mye om sporten men liker tanken på at det ikke er konkuranser, jeg er 40 år og har astma så kondis er ikke min greie .. Vil dette være noe jeg kan takle ?
    Mvh Liv

  15. Hei Liv, Jaaaa, Aikido er for alle – vi tar hensyn til begrensninger og utvider mulighetene! Kom å prøv et par ganger! (har sendt deg en lengre melding på FB)

  16. Hallo! jeg er 16 år og har drevet med Karate (Chito Ryu) i mellom 7 og 10 år. Men begynner å få for mye fritid. Har veldig lyst til å utvide reportoaret i samme slengen. Jeg tenker å hoppe innom å prøve meg. Skal jeg bare komme å se da?

  17. Hei Ørjan, Veldig hyggelig at du har lyst å prøve aikido! Vi har flere med karatebakgrunn hos oss!
    Joda, bare kom innom, men best å trene med heller enn å bare se på. Gratis prøvetime eller to!
    Vi har også en del ungdommer, de kommer mest på mandag – som er en god dag å begynne på! Ring gjerne for mer info: 98250628!

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